Chapter 12- AJ and the models

**In the Boys Suite**

"Hey what's your idea AJ?" Nick asked.

"Well, since we're so curious about which of the girls have crushes on us, we can secretly videotape their slumber party and find out." AJ said.

"What?!" the rest of the boys said in unison.

"Oh c'mon guys I've seen the way the girls have been looking at us. Besides, it's just a little joke, they won't find out." AJ said.

"Well, I kinda do want to know, but I already have a girlfriend, Cassie, remember?" Kevin said,"But I guess curiosity kills the cat so I guess I'm in. But if anything bad happens, you'll be very sorry AJ."

"Cool, so are the rest of you guys in?" AJ asked.

"Yup" they all said in unison as they gathered up to plan their strategy.

**In the Girls Suite**

The girls were in their rooms getting ready for the slumber party. As soon as they finished changing into their pajamas, there was a knock on the door.

Karen decided to answer it.

She saw Howie standing there with a bookbag.

"Hey Howie, What's up?"

"Well I'm going to the grocery store to pick up a few things when we go to our next stop on the tour, and I forgot my wallet when we had dinner here." Howie said.

"Oh, you can come and look for it, come in" Karen said while gesturing him into the suite.

"Karen! Where's my Wylie?" Maryann called from her room.

"Wylie?" Howie asked.

"That's Mair's favorite stuffed animal" Karen said, "I'll go help her find it."

And she went to Maryann's room.

Howie took a camcorder out of his bag, turned it on, and hid it under some books on the bookshelf letting the lens become visible.

Just then Jamie came out of her room.

"Hey Howie what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I was just looking for my wallet and I found it. It's in my pocket." he said as he walked out of the suite, "Bye."


15 minutes later, the girls were finally ready for their sleep over. They were sitting in a circle in the living room listening to the radio.

"Why don't we play truth or dare?" Latoya asked.

"Aww, c'mon. you know I hate that game" Maryann whined.

"I know, that's why I suggested it." Latoya smirked.

"OK" Maryann sighed, "Why don't you go first Latoya?"

"Ok, whatever, I don't care, um....., Jamie, Truth or Dare?

"Dare, I guess" Jamie said then sighed.

"Ok, a dare for Jamie?????" Latoya said thinking of a good dare. "Ok, I dare you to go to the Bsb suite and um..... any suggestions from the peanut gallery?" Latoya said looking at Karen & Maryann.

"I know!" Karen said,"I have a little plan for the boys. Let's just say it's a little payback for Brian and Nick listening to my phone call." Karen said laugh like a murderer.(KN: LOL!!!!!)"They listened into your converstation? When? To who? and why?" Maryann asked like if she was a detective.

"Boy are you nosy" Latoya joked and all the friends started to laugh.

**In the BSB suite**

"I need to know what is going on in that room!" Aj protested

"Yo bone, Chill! You have been pacing around in a big circle for 25 minutes!" Howie said

"NO! I need to know what is going on in there!" Aj protested again.

"So why don't you go to their room and, I don't know, stay there as long as you can." Brian said when walking out of the bathroom, after taking a shower.

"Yeah you're right! I should! Thanks B!" Aj said stopping his pacing. He walked over to the door, opened it, and headed to the girls' room.

**5 minutes later- In the girls suite**

Latoya, Karen & Jamie were sitting on Karen's bed waiting for Maryann to get of the bathroom.

"Hey Mair, Hurry up!" Karen hollered to her.

Knock! Knock!

"I'll get it" Jamie said bouncing up from the bed.

Jamie walked over to the door and opened it to reveal Aj.

"Hey Aj, what's up?" Jamie asked.

"Oh, nothing!" Aj responded.

"Oh, whatever, could you do me & the girls a favor, can you be our modeling judge?"Jamie asked looking into Aj's beautiful brown eyes.

"Please!" Jamie added.

"Ok" Aj answered quickly.

"That was quick!" Jamie joked.

"Who's at the door?" Latoya asked from the room.

"Oh, it's Aj" Jamie answered.

"Yeah! Now we have a judge!!!" Karen & Latoya cheered.

Maryann finally came out of the bathroom and then saw AJ sitting next to Jamie.

She tilted her head and asked "What's he doing here?"

** In the BSB suite**

"It been 30 minutes since Aj left, now I'm starting to wonder what's going on in that room." Howie mentioned.

Just then Aj came into the room. "Oh god, those girls looked FINE!" Aj said with a sigh. Aj was in heaven right then, until Nick snapped his fingers in front of his face.

"Hey what was that for?" Aj asked.

"Tell us what happened in the girls'room!" Nick protested

"Ok, but I think you better sit down" Aj warned Howie, Nick & Brian.

Brian wanted to be brave so he stayed standing, the others sat down.

"So Aj, what did happen?" Howie asked.

"Ok, here we go" Aj started and then continued, "I knocked on the door and Jamie answered it. Then she asked 'Could you possibly be our judge for our modeling show, because Latoya wasn't going to participate, but she really wants to.' So I said yes, and I judged their modeling show" Aj stated.

"Now , I'm going over there!" Brian said, "C'mon Nick, you're coming with me" Brian added and left for the girls' suite.

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