Chapter 11- Dinner Chat

**Back at the Hotel**

Karen, Latoya, and Maryann were in their hotel room watching TV.

"So, do you want to explore the hotel?" Karen asked.

"Sure, how about we go to the pool?" Latoya added.

"OK, let's go" Maryann said.

Before leaving the apartment, the girls picked up a couple items for the hotel. They changed into their bathing suits, grabbed towels, and headed for the pool.

**At the Pool**

As soon as Latoya, Karen, and Maryann entered through the door at the pool they saw the Backstreet Boys with Jamie playing volleyball in the pool. Latoya exclaimed, "The Backstreet Boys are here?!"

"Yes Latoya. Hey guys get in the pool before you get pushed in it" Jamie said.

Latoya just stood there in a trance staring at the pool containing the BSB and Jamie.

"Whoa, nice bathing suits" all the boys said while staring at the girls.

"Hey Brian, quit drooling" Kevin said.

"I'm not drooling, it's just water" Brian said.

"Sure Brian"

**5 minutes later**

Latoya was still in a trance staring at the pool while Karen and Maryann were in the pool. Maryann got out of the pool, stood in front of her, and waved her hand in front of her face. "Hello, earth to Latoya, are you home?"

"Oh, huh? What?" Latoya said getting out of her trance.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, I was just a little surprised, that's all"

"Ok, get in the pool, were going to start a game of volleyball."


The both of them got into the pool as Howie was picking out the teams since he was the referee. "Alright guys, since there are 9 people including me here, I will be the referee. That leaves 4 boys and 4 girls."

"Cool," Nick said,"We're gonna kick those girls buts"

"Not if we kick yours first" Karen said.

Karen, Maryann, Latoya, and Jamie were on one side of the net and Nick, Brian, AJ, and Kevin were on the other side.

Half an hour later, the girls won the game 13 to 14. They swam some more and it was getting near dinnertime so they decided to have dinner at Karen and Maryann's suite.

**In Karen and Maryann's suite**

The boys were at the dining table while the girls were making spaghetti for dinner. When they finished, they got to the table.

Everybody was silent during dinner until Jamie decided to break the ice."Hey Karen, where are you going to college this Sepetember?"

"Me, Mair, and Toya got accepted to the College of the Palm Beaches" Karen said,"We were thinking about asking you if we could stay at your beach house since you also go to the college."

"Oh cool, sure you can stay at my house" Jamie said.

"Congratulations" Nick said to the girls while trying to keep his gaze off of Maryann.

"Maybe you can visit us in Florida" Brian said staring at Karen.

"Well, tomorrow's our last day of our break, why don't we go see a movie tomorrow before we have to leave?" Kevin suggested.

"Ok" Latoya said,"Why don't we have a sleepover tonight?"

All the boys got sly grins on their faces."Not you boys, just us girls. We do have a lot of stuff to catch up on" Latoya said.

"Awww" AJ whined. "Wait a minute," he thought,"I got an idea."

"I'm up for that" Maryann said.

"Me too" Karen said.

"Me three" Jamie said.

They finished dinner and the boys left. When the boys were in their own suites, AJ had a sly grin on his face.

"What's with the grin AJ?" Howie asked.

"Have you guys ever wanted to know if the girls have a crush on us?" AJ asked.

"Well, yeah, why?" Brian asked.

"Because I got an idea."

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