Chapter 10-The College of the Palm Beaches

**In the Hotel Room**

"So Nick, what did you want to talk about?" Karen asked.

"You know....about what I said last night" he answered.

"Oh, I know."

"So you remember what I told you about Maryann?" he asked.

Just then, Brian came in Karen's room.

"Didn't you ever hear of knocking?" Karen asked.

"Nope" Brian responded.

"Sorry to end this little conversation, but I have to go and pick Mair up from the hospital, but first I have to call her so scoot! Get!" Karen said while pushing them out of the room.

Being that Nick and Brian were being nosy little rats they put their ears aganist the door and listened as Karen went over to the phone.

Karen stopped in her tracks for a second and thought to herself for a second. "Could they be at the door listening in? Nah!" Karen picked up the phone and dialed the hospital number that Maryann gave her.

"Hello?" Maryann answered.

"Hey, do you want me to pick you up?" Karen asked.

"Do I ever" Maryann responded.

"Then wait in your bed, I have to sign you out, alright?" Karen asked.

"Yes, unfortunely" Maryann responded.

"Well, I'm coming alright" Karen said.

"Yippie!" Maryann answered.

"Bye Mair" Karen said.

"Bye Kar" Maryann answered.

Karen hung up the phone and went to the closet and got her car keys. She closed the closet door and opened the other door and Brian & Nick came toppling into the room.

"Excuse me, why were you guys listening in to my converstation with Maryann ?" Karen said rather pissed.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, gotta go" Brian & Nick said while getting up to start running, which they did, they ran to the safest room in the whole hotel, The BSB suite.

"Hey, come back here!" Karen yelled. "Oh well, I'll get them later."

Karen grabbed some of Maryann's clothes to change in, left the hotel, and drove on her way to the hospital.

**10 min later-In Maryann's Hospital Room**

As soon as Karen walked into the room, Maryann bounced out of the bed and ran to her. "So can we go now?" she asked excitedly.

"God Mair calm down" Karen said,"The doctor and the nurse has to come and check on you one more time before you can leave, besides, I have to sign the release form, and if you don't calm down I won't sign it."

"OK, OK, geez, somebody's happy to see me," Maryann said sarcastically.

A few minutes later, the doctor and the nurse came to check on Maryann's breathing. "Alright Maryann you can go now. But you will have to still take your nebulizer every 4 hours for a week until your breathing is 100 percent better. And I don't want you to waste all your energy because you are still kinda weak from all the medicine so take it easy" the doctor said.

"OK. thank you doctor" Karen said as the doctor walked out of the room.

The nurse took the IV off of Maryann and gave Karen the release form. "If you can just sign this you can leave now." the nurse said. Karen signed the release form and gave it back to the nurse. Then she gave Maryann the clothes she brought with her and gave them to Maryann. Maryann went to the bathroom to change. When she finished changing she gathered up all of her things and left with Karen.

**In the car**

"Let's go back to our apartment complex to check our mail." Karen said.

"Ok, so, anything important happen while I was in the hospital?" Maryann asked.

"Nope, nothing at all," Karen lied while thinking about what Nick told her last night.

"So, did you hook up with Brian yet?"

"No, he fell asleep before I could say anything to him. He said that he was tired and wanted to go to bed."

"Oh, ok, are you sure nothing happened while I was gone because I sense that you're hiding something."

"Just shut up."

**At the mailbox in the apartment**

"Hey, I got accepted to the College of the Palm Beaches" Karen said reading from the letter she got from the college.

"Me too" Maryann said, "Now we can go to the same college as Jamie."

"Well it's the end of June so we should get ready to move out of our apartment. We start school in the middle of August."

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss this place, maybe we can move in with Jamie."

"Yeah." Just then Latoya came to the mailbox. Latoya was a slender 18 year old with a little bit above shoulder length black hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans and had her hair up in a ponytail. Latoya was Maryann and Karen's neighbor and best friend as well. Latoya also received an application in the mail for the same college that Maryann and Karen got accepted to. "Hey, I got accepted too!" Latoya squealed.

"Cool," Maryann said, "Why don't you come with us back to our hotel and celebrate."

"OK" they both said and left for the hotel.

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