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Hidden Acres Auto Restoration

    Welcome to my web page. If you have arrived here expecting to have your vintage automobile professionally restored, I apologize.  Instead you will find the story of a family involved in saving a few classic automobiles from the scrap yard while providing themselves with something to drive that isn't all plastic and electronic sensors.  While at times this process borders on total insanity, the joy of the finished product makes the effort worthwhile.  I don't claim to have near enough talent to restore autos to show quality, but strive to produce a safe, reliable daily driver that looks good.  These things were built to be on the road, not in  a museum.
    The name Hidden Acres stems from the fact that we live on six acres of wooded property in central New Jersey that only has 150 feet of road frontage.  Since the development was built next to us last year we aren't as hidden as we would like to be, but hopefully the new fir trees will grow quickly.  Since none of my new neighbors asked what I do in the building out back before they decided to move here, I don't particularly care if my hobby bothers them or not.  Since I built my shop legally, with permits and all, and was here long before them, too bad if you don't like noise and rusty looking vehicles sitting next door.
    This page is divided into four areas.  The shop,  Alan's 1967 Mustang,  Karen's 1974 Volkswagen, and Paul's 1965 Dodge Town Wagon.  Yeah, I'm Paul.  I hope you enjoy the saga of our efforts and it inspires you to save a piece of auto history from the recycler without it having to gather dust in a museum.

The Shop


1967 Mustang


1974 Beetle


       1965 Dodge Town Wagon