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My Tribute to Professional Wrestling's Championship Belts


6/16/2002 UPDATE: Added a picture from the Hulkamania magazine with Hulk Hogan posing with many of his old belts. This is in the WWF section.

5/24/2002 UPDATE: Aside from instituting an update list, obviously, I have added two new pictures, both with me and my belts.

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"The strap"....."The richest prize in the business"....."16 pounds of gold".....all refer to the symbols of excellence worn around the waists of professional wrestling's elite: the championship belts.

As I grew up watching wrestling, one of the things I was fascinated with were the belts and the artistry of them. In fact, I was so obsessed, I used to spend hours cutting out, drawing on, and coloring paper plates, and then stapling them to belts to try and make my own championships! Yes, some of my favorite wrestling memories involved being impressed with the best looking title belts I saw on TV. And to tell you the truth, I haven't lost that feeling. So that's why I made this pictorial tribute to some of my favorite championship belts of all time.

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Now, on to the pictures! (Divided by federation)

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen with the AWA World title
The more recent AWA World Title, used from 1986 on. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
The AWA International TV Title. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Though years removed from the days where she helped lead the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection, Wendi Richter was still winning women's titles. Here she is with the AWA version!
The Midnight Rockers with the AWA World Tag Team titles

Shane Douglas with the ECW championship in its "Eastern" period

"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert with the GWF North American title (looks like the 1986 WWF title, doesn't it?)
"Nightmare" Danny Davis and the GWF Light Heavyweight title

Larry Zbyszko shows off the AWA World Title and the NWA Western States Heritage title
Lex Luger with the NWA U.S. title and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams with the UWF heavyweight title
Though nowadays he'd rather handle "puppies," in 1989 "Jerry "The King" Lawler was holding quite a bit of championship gold. Here he is with the AWA, WCCW, and the "Unified" World Titles. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Nick Bockwinkel with "classic" versions of their respective world titles
Not wrestling related, but I'm so proud of this I had to show it off. Me meeting Joanna Lumley in New York City, Fall 2002.
Another pic of me and Joanna

A real classic.....Ric Flair with the big gold NWA World Title!
Exhausted after a successful title defense, Ric Flair can't even stand up with the classic NWA title
"Stunning" Steve Austin with what was by then the WCW World TV title, but still used the NWA belt
Too bad Hector Guerrero would rather forget he was ever Lasertron, since he won't remember having the NWA Junior Heavyweight title belt!
"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal with an earlier version of the Jr. Heavyweight title
Tully Blanchard with the National Heavyweight title (boy, that TV title design was popular)
The Rock 'n' Roll Express with the "classic" NWA World Tag Team Titles
Arn Anderson with one of my favorite belts, one of the NWA World Tag Team titles used from 1987 on
What could make a red-blooded American wrestling fan angrier in the '80s? The Russian Team (represented by Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev) holding the U.S. tag team titles!
The Road Warriors wear the NWA National Tag Team titles
Four Horsemen, Four Belts!
The Horsemen taking over the NWA's championship belts again!

The Bruise Brothers with the Smoky Mountain Tag Team titles

"The King" of the USWA, Jerry Lawler holds the "Unified" World Title. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Robert Fuller with a USWA Tag Team title

Magnum T.A. holds the Mid-South North American title
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams with the UWF Heavyweight title. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Hot Stuff and Hyatt International are all smiles now that Eddie Gilbert and Sting hold the UWF tag team titles
Terry Taylor with the UWF Television title (far cry from being the Red Rooster, no?)

When Ric Flair took the big gold belt to the WWF, WCW's world champions like Sting here wore this belt!
Lex Luger poses with the 1991 U.S. well as the "cheapo" Bash '91 WCW World Title! Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Sting with the WCW U.S. title from 1991
Johnny B. Badd with the WCW World TV title
"Flyin'" Brian Pillman was the first WCW World Light Heavyweight Champion. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy hold the WCW World Tag Team titles (1991-1999 version)
The York Foundation (with a certain horny little computer nerd) and the WCW World Six-Man tag team titles

A replica of the WCCW World Heavyweight Title. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Brickhouse Brown with the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
Shaun Simpson with the WCCW Light Heavyweight title. Courtesy of Reggie Parks' Championship Belts
The Von Erichs and Steve Simpson celebrate winning the World Class Six-Man Tag Team titles

Ron and Chicky Starr with the World Wrestling Council's North American Tag Team and Television title belts

Bob Backlund with an older version of the WWF title!
Hulk Hogan with the WWF World Title from 1984
Hulk Hogan with the 1985 model of the WWF World Title (notice the resemblance to the NWA TV title????)
Hulk Hogan with the WWF World Title circa 1986-1988
From the Hulkamania magazine, Hulk Hogan poses at home with some of his old belts. Pictured here are two of the 1987 WWF titles, the 1985 version, and the belt he used when starring in Rocky III!
"Macho Man" Randy Savage and a friend pose with the "winged" WWF World title (1988-1998)
The Honky Tonk Man and the Intercontinental title circa 1986-1988
Shawn Michaels' version of the Intercontinental title had a white strap!
The British Bulldogs with the older "silver" versions of the familiar WWF tag team title design
The Brain Busters with the WWF World Tag Team titles

The undisputed NWA World Champion!
Me with an NWA/WCW Triple Crown (WCW US, Big Gold, and Domed Globe)

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