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Wrestling Trivia

Wrestling Trivia

The rules are as followed:

There was no winners from last weeks trivia question but the answers were:
1. His debut was at the Survivor Series in 1990.
2. Owen Hart pinned Razor Ramon to become King of thje Ring.
3. He was bulldogged by Rick and laid paralyzed in the ring for several minutes.
4. 2 times
5. 4 times



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(1) What wrestler played Super Shredder in Ninja Turtles II Secret of the Ooze?

(2) Name all the the names of the wrestlers who have the theme music on WWF's Music Volume 2?

(3) What belts did Eddy Guerrero win in WCW?

(4) How many times has Cactus Jack won the ECW Television Title?

(5) Who was the first person to win the WCW Heavyweight Title?


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