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Wrestling Terms

Wrestling Terms

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A-Show: A wrestling event where the big stars wrestle like RAW.

A-Team: A group of wrestlers on an A-Show.

Angle: Storylines that lead to a feud between two or more wrestlers.

B-Show: A Wrestling event where the jobbers and mid carders wrestle like Jakked/Metal.

B-Team: Group of wrestlers on a B-Show.

Babyface: A good guy.

Bootleg: An item that is illegaly sold or traded.

Call a Match: To do play by play and commentary in the match like Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, etc.

Card: The matches on a show.

Cheap Heat: When wrestlers brawl in the stands, this causes the fans to cheer or boo or get into the match. Cut a Promo: To do an interview or come out and start talking like Vince McMahon does.

Dark Match: A match on a show that is not shown on TV.

Face: Short word for babyface; Good guy.

Feud: A rivalry between two wrestlers. Usually between a face and a heel.

Finisher: The finishing move. (i.e. The Stunner or the Chokeslam)

Foreign Object: An illegal object in the match like a chair or brass knuckles.

Gimmick: The personality of the wrestler.

Heat: When fans boo a wrestler, or a wrestler is in trouble with officials backstage.

Heel: The bad guy.

House: Number of fans in a building.

House Show: A show that is not taped for tv.

Job: A planned loss.

Jobber: A wrestler who loses in order to make another wrestler look good. (i.e. The Brooklyn Brawler)

Kayfabe: When a wrestler acts out of character. Ex. If a heel is seen signing autographs and being nice to his fans.

Main Eventer: A wrestler that is in contention for the world title, and usually wrestles in main events. (i.e. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

Mark: A wrestling fan who believes everything in wrestling is real.

Mark out: To become very excited when something happens in wrestling.

Mid Carder: A wrestler that is not a main eventer, but not quite a jobber.

No Show: When a wrestler doesn't show up for a scheduled appearance.

Over: To be popular with the audience.

Pop: When the fans cheer.

Push: When a wrestler wins a lot of matches to make him look good.

Shoot: Something in wrestling that is real, or not planned.

Strap: Championship belt.

Submission Hold: A move that makes an opponent give up or tap out. (i.e. Tazmission)

Turn: When a wrestler changes from a heel to a face, or from a face to a heel.

Work: Something in wrestling that is planned.

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