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Welcome to "Push This!" This is my first column here at EWC. And in this column I will talk about the big "P" word in pro-wrestling, and that is PUSH. I will talk about who deserves a push, who doesn't deserve a push, who wants a push! If you know how you can make this article any better then it already is please E-mail me at the address below. I hope you enjoy my column and if you don't I got two words for ya'...PUSH THIS!

Slap Nuts

For my first article, I will talk about a pro-wrestler who deserves all the push that he has been given. The push that he has been given in the WCW that is. And this wrestlers name is Jeff Jarrett. Jeff is a great sports-entertainer. He has great game in the ring and has great game on the mic. With his great trademark line, "Slapnuts." And his great finisher, the Single Arm DDT. Jeff is currently the WCW Heavy Weight Champion. And I am very proud of him.

Most of you reading this probably know Jeff when he was in the WWF.(Because not that many people on the Internet like WCW) In the WWF, I feel Vince McMahon did not do a good job of giving Jeff Jarrett a good push. The WWF played around with his character way too much. And it was not good. And he could have done so much more with his career in the WWF. And it is sad that he had to leave, but most of us know why.

When Jeff made it to the WCW, he was treaded with the most upright respect. And now he is the current WCW Heavy Weight Champion. I have seen some pretty cool matches with Double J and I have to say they where pretty extreme. Like that match between JJ, David Arquette and DDP for the World Title in the Triple Cage match. That was great! Well, I think JJ is carrying the whole WCW, along side with Mike Awesome, but that's for another time. Jeff Jerrett deserves all the money in the world. He keeps me hanging at the edge of my seat. And if you do not know who Jeff Jerrett is, well then you must not watch wrestling, slapnuts! Jeff Jarrett truly is a great sports entertainer and I hope he stays healthy and goes on to continue an amazing pro-wrestling career in WCW. I wish he would come back to WWF, but I wish him the best. If you have any comments about good ol' Double J, please E-mail them to me at the E-mail address at the bottom of the column.

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