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Headlines--Results to Brian Pillman Memorial Show

Results to Brian Pillman Memorial Show

Jeremy Lopez and Jet Jaguar lost to "Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox and "The Future" Logan Caine.

B.J. Payne, managed by Heartland Wrestling Association manager G.Q. Masters III beat Rico Constantino from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Chuck Palumbo beat Sean O'Hare.

Scotty Sabre beat Reckless Youth.

Flash Flanagan and Matt Styker, managed by the HOT Helena Heavenly lost to the HWA Tag Team champions, "Surfer" Cody Hawk and "Mad Anthony" McMurphy.

HWA Cruiserweight champion Shark Boy beat Jamie-San of WCW's Jung Dragons, managed by Tony Marinara of the early WCW Mamalukes storyline.

In the finals of the HWA Heavyweight championship Tournament, Chip Fairway lost to Race Steele.

Mad Anthony McMurphy beat Cody Michaels. Terry Taylor was scheduled to face Michaels, but he suffered a neck injury and could not work.

Dr. Tom Pritchard lost to "White Lightning" Tim Horner, managed by Missy Hyatt.

Ron and Don Harris beat Billy Kidman and Disco Inferno. Disco was a substitute for David Flair, who had travel problems.

Vampiro beat Captain Rection.

Chris Benoit beat Steve Regal. This was said to have been a excellent four star match.

DDP beat Shane Douglas in a impromtu match up.

Justin Credible beat Raven to retain the ECW world heavyweight title.

D'lo Brown and Eddie Guerrero beat Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.

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