Yeah Centennial!

As you may have noticed, I changed the layout of this page a little. There's just too many
cute pictures of us for one page. So, here's the rest of the pictures.
Hanging out


Take a look at the school: TCNJ - "Where the 'T' stands for 'The'"

How much do you know about Alyssa?

How much do you know about Heather?

We're so damn cute!

I LOVE him! I love him for the man he wants to be and for the man he ALMOST is!

Whoa, momma!

Sex on a website...

Did somebody say pool boys in white shorts?

Design your own engagement ring! For when you're really bored... (Warning... addictive!)
Just when you thought watching Passions couldn't get any more fun...
TCNJ people's pages. Lys. Steve. Dina.
Next week on Buffy.

Hey kids, want to procrastinate AND find out cool stuff like how pure you are or what your superpower is?
Click here or here for fun tests and other stuff.

Still bored? Try this or this.

Don't click this if you're in a public place or if there are other people around...

You know you missed Professor McNamara!