And now, the page you've all been waiting for... a page all about me! How exciting can you get?

I don't really know what to put on this page, it'll probably end up being a bunch of links. If you really care about knowing stuff about me, look at the other pages on my site. They're much more informative.

Home. TCNJ stuff. Girls from home. My family.

Let's see. I'm a college student in good old New Jersey. I'm convinced that I will never escape from this state. My major is English. Now, I know you're thinking "what the hell can you do with an english major?". I always thought the answer to that was kind of obvious. Exotic dancer.

I'm an Aries, but on the cusp of Pisces. I know nothing about astrology, so I don't know the significance of that, except that if I don't like my Aries horoscope, I read Pisces.

I'm Irish, and have the tattoo to prove it.


I'm a huge fan of any kind of music (well, ALMOST any kind). I kind of play guitar, but I'm not really good. Here's some links to some of my favorite artists.

Songfind. Ever have a song just running through your head and you only know one line of it and it's really pissing you off? This site can help you find that song!

Neil Young is, was, and always will be the man.

Beastie Boys - you can't not love them.

David Bowie Janis Joplin

I totally blame Erin for my Axl infatuation. Not that it's a bad thing.


Can I just have one more moondance...?

Save Ferris Cake 311

I love to read. Here's links to sites on some of my favorite works... all are highly recommended!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Richard Bach -His books are terrific. "Illusions" was the first one I read, and it's still my favorite book. "One" is great too.

Foxfire- Joyce Carol Oates- I couldn't find any links about the book, only about the movie, which sucked, as movie versions tend to do. (However, I have to add that Angelina Jolie was superbly cast as Legs. Plus she just rocks). Great book, although you'd probably appreciate it more if you're a girl...

Allen Ginsberg - My favorite beat poet.

e e cummings

Movies - For more movie links, check out my girls from home page.

Bill & Ted - Excellent Adventure Bogus Journey - Two excellent movies.

The Usual Suspects

Ever wish that Jim Henson made a movie starring David Bowie? Well, this is your lucky day!

Legend - Tom Cruise before he got hot, the ever-fabulous Tim Curry, and unicorns. What more could you ask for?

Mel Brooks - I couldn't pick just one movie to go on here. This man is pure genius. He has managed to stay consistently funny for god knows how long. Rent his movies. Especially the old ones.

TV shows- I don't watch a ton of TV, but there are a few shows I like to catch... there's already Buffy and Passions links from my CLFF2K page, but here's a couple more.

Cartoon Network Doesn't matter what show. Johnny, Powerpuff Girls, Acme Hour....

Jeopardy I will be on it. Oh yes, I will be on it.

Behind the Music Did you say that you want to sit in a trance for an hour, soaking up more useless information about Leif Garrett than you even thought existed?

My So-Called Life - Anyone who says they don't live for the MTV marathons is lying.

The moon to the right is the exact phase of the moon the moment I was born. Yeah full moon! And on the vernal equinox, no less. I guess that explains a lot... Find out yours.