Hey Girls!

This page is especially for my girls from home. I miss you guys!

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Northern Valley. Check out the high school that produced these cute girls...

You did WHAT?!?!?!

You've gotta love Lucky Cheng's: the food is yummy, the pink pussies are delicious, and where else can you karaoke to "Girls just wanna have fun" with a girl who's really a boy?

And we NEVER got dressed up like goths and went to the mall...

Or had an 80's party.

New Year's 2K...

But we might have gone bowling once or twice...

Go Montvale! Whether you're rooting for Team Rhino or the Sexy Mamas, we all know the REAL fun behind bowling was the names. See if you can tell who each person is:

1) McFall a lot, McRoids, basket weaver, I throw crazy-like, Fuckin Tits, what are u wearing?

2) Super Grover, feel my cold hands, Y2 hamster eggs, Ride the pony, slide-by shooting, Drugstore Cowgirl, no drinking water, Y2 I am so sexy, glowstick chick.

3) Too sexy for my TCNJ, Rhino, slice my nipple

4) 8th floor whore, I rock the house, Big Bertha, Water Vigilante, splark the spleefy.

5) I like lobster, score at will, whipped wonder.

Charlie's Angels at the Starlight... we're so ahead of our time!

What do you want to do this weekend?

Erin and Shari at the Warped Tour.

Kate and Erin chilling with a cow in the city.

Fun in South Carolina.

Halloween weekend 2000.

Another visit... this time it's to Rhode Island.

Julie only loves me for my hand chair...

What do you want to do this weekend?

Ok, so how many hours have we spent in great american, west coast (grr), and blockbuster trying to decide, actually watching the movies, and then quoting them? Remember these...?

Will you be my brother?

I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby. No matter where you go...





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