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Look how nosey you are!
Christina Ward

"Your Majesty" will do just fine. Those of you who know me can call me Chris.

On a yellow submarine. When I'm not there I'm waiting outside the Plymouth Theatre for Luba Mason. I want her job!!!

Every 525,600 minutes

Yes please!!! Oh, I mean Female

Singing songs from Broadway musicals. I draw portraits, sing, and practice signing autographs.^_^


Personal Quote:
Everyone is entiled to MY opinion.

Favorite Broadway Actress:
Luba Mason, DUH!!

Favorite Broadway Show:
The Scarlet Pimpernel

Favorite Singers:
Luba Mason
Christiane Noll
Linda Eder
Brittany Spears
Jessica Simpson

Best Friends:
Cindy - (Cinlou31) YOU RULE!
Corinn - (Cornarella)HEY!! Surfer Dudette!!
Ruth - You my girl!!
Jenn - You rock majorly!!
Carla - You my beotch and dont you forget it! ^_^
Lissette - (LaChinaPr) You my dawg babe, I love ya to death!

This is just meant to show off my sense of humor:

My Stage Biography

Christina Ward (Angel) making her stage debut in the play Times Square Angel. This is her first attempt at making a web page. A fan of Broadway, Christina aspires to be an actress. With an alto voice, Christina also enjoys singing songs such as "No One Knows Who I Am," "Good 'N' Evil," "A New Life," and "Storybook." Graduating from broadway lover to theatre groupie, Christina enjoys standing outside of the stage door at the Plymouth theatre and waiting for Robert Evan and Luba Mason to come out. When she's not obsessing about Broadway, Christina enjoys the company of her friends, watching T.V, listening to music, getting a grade above a 'C' once in a while, going online to talk to my friends and spend hours on end on the Jekyll and Hyde Message Board. Christina is a graduate of Lafayette Street School and of Rutgers Pre-College Program in the honors class.

Who's Who Bio not obtained from Playbill Online.

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