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Life is like a dying rose

Day by day something else goes

The rose looses it's petals

We lose our minds


Everything goes wrong when you have nomemories of the past

It will be like an unopened book with no begining or end

Only the pages in between which within sometime fall out of place.


It's like a neverending nightmare


and when you do wake up your nightmare's become reality

When you don't really expect or need it to happen

Everytime you turn your back someone else stabs you in it.

NO matter what you do in life it will never be right or remembered

and you life will turn out to be like that unopened book

because you never remember when you were born and

as you get older the memories of the past diminish

and at the end you are left with nothing except

For the blank memories and blank pages of your life.


Otherwise known as EMPTINESS!!!!!!!!!



This was written by Csim3, when i was 15.