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compiled september 2005
2DVD set, SP speed mono
approx 240 minutes duration (3:59)
Region 0 (all regions)


[01] Opening Introduction Startup (1:31)

[02] The Garbage State (12/12/98) Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (with Mark Moran, Chris Bolger, Dennis Diken, Mark Sceurman) Weird NJ CD release party (3:39)

[03] Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (4/17/85) Gerdes Folk City, NYC (3:23)

[04] Why Should I Love You? (5/21/99) Owensboro KY (with Big Fresh: John Ferguson, Ben Fulton,  Jeremy Midkiff, Bryan Gore) (2:48)

[05] But You Love Me, Daddy (4/25/04) Brooklyn NY (with Chris Bolger, Chris Breetveld, Dan Kirk) (WFMU Greasy Kids Stuff) (3:59)

[06] You Always Want What You Don't Have (11/9/79) Maxwell's, Hoboken (with Margaux Ravis, Szzn Griffin, Irwin Chusid, Jim Price) (5:46)

[07] New Talent Needed All The Time (5/20/99) The Sutler, Nashville TN (4:45)

[08] Show Biz Is Dead/Defeating The Purpose (4/1/84) The Scott and Gary Show (Cable TV), NYC (with The Biggest Names In Show Business: Phil Varrallo, Lee Miller, Bolger) (5:01)

[09] Hard Rocker (3/5/05) West End, NYC (WBAR fundraiser) (5:24)

[10] First-Hand (5/3/00) Maxwell's, Hoboken (4:15)

[11] Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs (9/25/99) Darress Theater, Boonton NJ (with The Bees: Breetveld, Bob Brainen, Bolger, Chusid) (4:34)

[12] Pink Litmus Paper Shirt/Colliding Circles (3/27/99) Beatlefest, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Secaucus NJ (with Bolger; compere: Martin Lewis) (14:14)

[13] Theme (9/30/92) Neblung Warehouse, Butler NJ (with Jim Price, Rick Neblung, Bolger) (5:08)

[14] Grand Ole Opry (9/15/73) RSM Ryman jpgs (0:33)

[15] Everyone But Everyone/Quiet Lines/Frith Zorn (4/15/05) Tonic, NYC (with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) (4:39)

[16] 4 Calling Birds/We 3 Kings (12/6/98) Tonic, NYC (+ Mark Eitzel) (4:45)

[17] 96 Tears (10/31/99) Old Canal Inn, Nutley NJ (with Bolger, Diken, Breetveld, Dave Amels) Weird NJ Halloween party (3:10)

[18] 8 To 18 (1/6/00) Maxwell's, Hoboken (3:43)

[19] Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (10/5/02) Madison High School gymnasium, Madison TN (with The Taxmen: Billy Anderson, Roger Ferguson, Myron Bryant + Pete Spero & Mike Burroughs) (8:54)

[20] VH-1 Behind The Music (a film by Justin Hennessy) (11:12)

[21] A Whiter Shade Of Pale (10/5/02) (5:44)

[22] A Whiter Shade Of Pale - promo film (10/11/98) Anderson Park, Upper Montclair NJ (5:27)

[23] The Middle (3:35)


[01] You A Joke/Leaving On A Jet Plane/I'm Out Of My Mind (12/8/97) Baggot Inn, NYC (Toys for Tots) (9:33)

[02] Puttin' Up The Groceries (1/6/00) Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (with The Bees: Chris Bolger, Bob Brainen, Chris Breetveld, Tim Korzun) (3:28)

[03] Goodbye Piano/Various R-tists (1/24/03) Fez, NYC (Outsider Music Fair) (5:38)

[04] Heartburn Motel (7/24/91) Assembly Point, Newark NJ (with Paul Carvalho & The Weasels) (6:53)

[05] Young Black Teenager (5/9/93) Appleton & Valley, Upper Montclair NJ (with Bolger) (5:07)

[06] The Holocaust Parade (10/25/01) Den At Two Boots, NYC (Nova Nights) (3:41)

[07] Kibbles 'N Bits/Elation Damnation (7/16/93) Maxwell's, Hoboken (with Bolger) (6:01)

[08] Nutcracker Suite/Chipmunk Song (12/18/97) Knitting Factory, NYC (with The Reckless Penguins: Dave Amels, Bolger, Dennis Diken, Chris Butler) Tarquin Xmas CD release party (13:57)

[09] Horse In Striped Pajamas/Hug Me (8/15/04) B.B. King's Blues Grill, NYC (+ Dr. Demento) (10:00)

[10] The Decline and Fall of Me/A Song For You To Listen To/That Long Walk to the Barn 6AM (9/25/99) Darress Theater, Boonton NJ (14:06)

[11] Some Unfilmed Gigs: Rogo/Hurrahs/Swings/Irving Plaza/Rayvens (9:47)

[12] Tough Ruff/Galaxy Cream/Radios/Got A Good Job/Just Because We're The Dig (9/15/74) Downtown outdoors, Nashville TN (with Ethos Of America: Victor Lovera, Roger Ferguson, Billy Anderson, Joe Haywood) BOA Street Party (13:03)

[13] How Great Thou Art (12/7/02) Maxwell's, Hoboken (International Pop Overthrow) (1:56)

[14] Steve/Such Are The Times (4/17/85) Gerdes Folk City, NYC (with Tony Brower, Jim Price) (8:03)

[15] Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals (9/21/96) Bottom Line, NYC (with The Reckless Penguins: Amels, Bolger, Diken, Butler, Enrico Granafei) Raymond Scott Tribute (4:19)

[16] Dates (6/19/99) Mercury Lounge, NYC (4:50)

[17] Ito Eats (10/29/03) Maxwell's, Hoboken (with Irwin Chusid) (2:34)

[18] The Lariat Wressed Posing Hour (9/6/98) Tonic, NYC (4:02)

T h e  E n d


Crew of Camera: Krystna Olsewicz, plus Frank Balesteri, Jon Child, Al DiGiacomo, Tim Korzun, Max and Bill Janoff, Michael Jodry, Justin Hennessy, Stan Warnow, and others unknown. The lens doesn't lie. Except now.

All songs, except some, written by RSM.

I can't do that on stage anymore.


2DVDR Set $25


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