From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Gentle Jesus, Meek and... Date:    Tue, Dec 28, 1999, 7:44pm (EST+5)

Thank you for drawing my attention to the above-named gentleman's web-site (Joe's, not Jesus'), and in particular my brother's namesake on page 3 (I guess none of us Gregorys are much cop at singing). I've attached (I hope) some pictures I took of his old premises in Holloway Road; the ground floor was purchased from the Shenton's estate by Lloyd's Bank in the 70's, and is (or was, in September 1994 when I took these pictures) currently a cycle shop. Note the blue commemorative plaque on the wall above.  

It was so nice talking with you both over the Christmas break; I look forward to moore of the same in the coming months.  

Hope rehearsals for your New Jersey show are going well, and that your proposed Euro-excursion comes together in the spring.  

Keep the kitties indoors New Year's Eve, mind...   Gregs

Meeksville '94.jpg (jpeg attachment)

From: "Terry Jackson"
To: "R. Stevie Moore"
Subject: GABBS CD
Date: Sat, Dec 25, 1999, 6:45pm (EST+5)


I was so pleased you liked my gabbers cd,this was very much my baby, I started work on this over a year ago, but when Dave left xtc he was a bit down,so my early mixes got the response ( this is best left as history) so I left it alone But in october of this year I decided I would finish it if only for myself.

When I had finished mixing etc, I took a test cd and played it to Dave.

He was very impressed with my efforts,I then did the cover and Dave came up with title.

I am glad he did send your copy to you, the evening I delivered it to him he said he was dissapointed with the bands performance. which made me wonder if he would send out the cd's all I wanted to do was to try and capture the excitement of this band.

Ellen and myself allways loved the Gabbs they were a FUN band

  I was very impressed with Billy's cd. Dave has said yours are very good but I never get to hear them, He HOGS Them for his self BABY!

Thanks again for listening to the Gabbs

Hope you have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and LOTS of luck and love in the NEW YEAR


From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    It was a Saturday, that's fer sure... Date:    Fri, Jan 21, 2000, 2:36am (EDT+4)
SteeveeSteev and dear Krys-O

  Well, I rang three times but nobuddy picked up. Just a birthday greeting and a return call for yours of a week or so back was all. Thanks for the e-mail; Meeesh mailed me about AP's fondness fer "Dates"; quite a result really, it's rare that he says anything nice about anybody else's stuff (Partridge, not the Midgester) As for the Evening Advertiser, all I can tell you is that none of the quotes attributed to moi were verbatim; all semi-paraphrased. And semi-accurate, too. Local reportage the world over, I guess.

  Birthday 48 ain't ever goin' to be a favourite but I hope you made the most of it and had a great day. Billy mentioned that the Welfare Dept. were giving you a hard time, which is a pisser (been there, done that); hope you're not letting them spoil the party. I guess Chusid needs to shift more Product! Do keep me informed about spring European venture - be grand to meet you in person if we can hook up at some point.

  Love and best wishes as always to both of you and those cats

  Davely Gregs

From: (David Gregory) Date: Sun, Jan 30, 2000, 12:16am (EDT+4) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: What-ho L O Krys-O and the good Sir Steven

  Thanks for pix, linx & greetings - do you have a new job, Stevie? I refer to the Johnny Burnette connection, what gives? (haven't had time to check it out yet, but shall jest as soon as I am able)

  Funny you should mention Reggie Perrin, Krys - the BBC just started re-running the first series again last week, for the first time in eons. AND - the week before last, Bob Brainen played PP Arnold's "If You Think You're Groovy", 2 days before Channel 4's catch-up documentary with the same title; the lady hasn't been heard from here for more than 20 years. Do you guys have secret subscriptions to Radio Times, or ESP or what?

  Finally got to record my string over-dubs for the Porcupine Tree album, "Light Bulb Sun" (due May-ish) and guess what? Found a quartet who read perfectly, found the groove AND played in tune! Unbelievable joy! Three of them 7 months pregnant, too!! Also re-recorded that "Starfish" tune of mine (at home) which I've now christened "October's Carousel". It might end up on the tribute CD for Kevin Wilkinson, planned for the spring. As to my Prog project, just started programming track to Bruce's "Tickets To Waterfalls", complete with crappy-sounding jazz drums. Next might be Todd's "Freak Parade"...

  Billy just sent me hot news re. the Super Bowl (now is that football or baseball?) - looks like he and Roger are born-again sports fans. Speaking as someone who still throws like a girl, it's kinda hard for me to get juiced up about it but their enthusiasm is touching. Come on you Titans! Our team is best!! etc. etc.

  Have a great week-end



  Delivered-To: From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Hyuk hyuk hyuk Date:    Tue, Feb 15, 2000, 12:19am (EDT+4)

Krys y Steev - aah, you guys - how sweet of you to think of me on this most lonesome of days! Thanks so much for the e-greeting, and I'm embarrassed to admit that this is one item on the calendar that I've never paid any attention to. Utherwise you'da bin first on my list.

  Looks like you spent rather too much time in Nashville, judging from yer red-neck rantin's there, Stevie. I loved that and laughed out loud! Send Moore! Sorry I didn't fill out the form, but I got one each from Billy and Roger too. Hello up there - I don't have the time to fill out questionaires. But I loved your answers. And basil really is a sweet aroma, n'est ce pas Krys?

  That's a neat-lookin' bass you got there buddy, mind if I have a go? I think an R. Stevie Moore gear-freaks' corner is just about the only thing yer site lacks. Leave out no details, no matter how small.

  I hope you's are happy and busy; I'm seriously stuck in the doldrums at present, so your card was extry-special. Love on the pair of yez, and to kitties two.

  Your pal in Blighty,


From: (David Gregory) Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2000, 7:44pm (EDT+4) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Cc: (Billy Anderson) Subject: European Spring Break

What a turnaround for the plucky Tennessee team! Could this really be a go-er? Sounds like the promo man has a plan after all; too bad most of yer free time's in Germany (although, Berlin is pretty cool, as is Amsterdam), and I'll definitely be there to see you at Dingwall's. Maybe if you came to Swindon on the train, we could climb up to the White Horsey and later drive up to London for the evening show (if yer still awake). But yes, get some excercise! There's much to cram in, and sleep costs time.

  It will be a blast to finally meet all three of yez; please keep me informed of developments. Have your passports expired?

  Gregs' pantry always open!

  From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Jeepers Creepers Date:    Tue, Mar 28, 2000, 1:01am (EDT+5)

Hello Stevie Krys - and thanks for recent postings, I've been remiss in not responding sooner I know, but work and other distractions have taken up much of my free time of late, so please forgive...

  Very sorry to hear about yer eye problem, Stevie (you've been sitting too close to the television again! How many times have I told you?)  Get back to some music soon, man - headphone wax ain't so serious. Good luck with the treatment; if it's a laser job, it's simple and painless, though probably expensive. Hope da gubnint comes through for ya.

  Thanks for the new additions to Gregsy's Home-made Assortment; it's so flattering to be the recipient of such a tribute. The "Prisoner" shot was taken in Portmeirion in the closed season (i.e. January) early '87 while we filmed our contribution to the Tube's Special; situated on the coast of North Wales, it was cold enough to freeze the conkers off a brass monkey. I'm turning white as a result of getting covered in frost!

  Very sorry to hear that you won't be gracing us with yer presence next month after all, you must be well gutted. I know Billy was especially looking forward to coming, and he sent me a rather sad post offering his Union Jack Fernandes up for sale. What a shame. I do hope there'll be other opportunities in the future, otherwise I may just have to hop on a plane and come over to you guys.

  Gotta dash off a sympathetic note to Billy now; take care of yourselves and get well soon


From:    "David Gregory" To:    "Billy Anderson" Subject:    That's rock'n'roll... Date:    Tue, Mar 28, 2000, 1:16am (EST+6)

Billy, man! I'm so sorry to hear about the cancelled tour, I was looking forward to it almost as much as you guys were. I don't actually have a use for a Fernandes 3/4-scale either (with or without home colours), though those chord charts look tempting.

  I just mailed Stevie to commiserate; this on top of his eye problem is just about what he needs right now. But it's a sad but familiar story, enthusiastic promoters with big plans and no business acumen. Unless there's record company money behind them, these ventures often come to grief. Ah well - there's always next year.  

Time to put together another solo CD then, Billy! Obstina II, perhaps?

  Keep smiling, stay in touch

  Dave G. 


From: (David Gregory) Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2000, 2:07am (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Sight for sore eyes

Doesn't seem to be too much wrong with your eye-sight, Stevie; yor li'l sister's a real southern belle! Has she ever been tempted to record any of your songs?

  It's too bad we won't be meeting yer good self and Billy at the end of the month, hope you're over the disappointment. Trust you hadn't splashed out too much cash for your passport and clothes, or whatever.

  Have you recorded your Martin Newell tribute track yet, and if so which song are you doing?

  Krys'n'kittens, hope you're well, any more covers in the pipeline?

  Luv 2 U all,
  Davey G. 

From:"David Gregory" To:"R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Beaulated Happy Returns Date:    Sun, Apr 23, 2000, 5:48pm (EDT+5)

Hello Stevie, hello Krys - much thanks for recent mailings - it hadn't escaped my notice that it's already the VERY WEEK you and Billy were due to visit. It's just stopped raining after 10 days - I think the trip up to White Horse Hill would have required waders, and it's still fucking cold. I've been using me Mellotron too; it's been on its best behaviour for once, certain in the knowledge you were soon to call. Ah well, NEVERMIND eh?

  Thanks so much for the hilarious Bass Infractions; I already posted it off to my Boston buddy Mike Rivard, who is certain to appreciate it.

  Beau is having a good innings, is she not? That's getting on for a hundred in human years. Hope yer having the Easter of yer lives - now I must go and bestow e-number infested chocolate eggs on my 3 little nephews, and suffer the inevitable consequential horse-play (along with the rest of the family).

  Hope your eye is getting better

  Take good care, y'hear?


From: (David Gregory) Date: Sun, May 14, 2000, 11:54pm (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Look out, Bloomfield

StevieKrysoStevieKrys -
  Just saw a U.S. weather report here on the BBC; that's a lot of water comin' down! Hope you got yer lightnin' rod up. Happy Muvvers' Day to you (ours had theirs back in March), and thanks for kindly messages on (currently neglected) Guitargonauts guest-book. Been out of touch for a number of reasons; not a lot goin' on here, and I've been busy with Scott Bunt's Bingo stuff (good fun). Next week, gotta prepare for a Euro-trip of my own; got a gig in Switzerland with Steve Hogarth and band week-end after next (all-expenses-paid week-end on the shores of Lake Geneva. If wet, in hall. Sound OK?) Also, working up Todd's Freak Parade for Dinosaur discs. Now that's a hard one...

  Tomorrow I get to meet our old friend Mr. Terry Chambers, back in Blighty to attend sick (and ageing) father. He is curious about money. The two fellows who know about such things are currently a safe distance from our Terry, namely on American soil promoting some record or other. Terry is unlikely to be amused by this turn of events. I will make tea, attempt to be diplomatic, and generally advise him on his best course of action while not raising his hopes un-duly. Wish us both luck.

  Hope yer all flourishing and thriving. Don't that ionised atmos smell goood...

  Ciao fer now,


From:"David Gregory" To:"R. Stevie Moore" Subject: Lookin' better Date:Thu, May 18, 2000, 2:52am (EDT+5)

Hey Stevie - I didn't know you were about to go under the knife at my last posting, I'm so glad the op was successful and relatively trauma-free. Now don't go fukkin' up yer new lenz, that's gotta last (hope normal vision will be resumed as soon as possible).

  That's a cool list of albums, though the Nashville stuff is pretty much unknown to me. Glad we have much in common in our listening habits otherwise.

  The Dates set-up you want? OK, recorded April 1999 at Tonsiltown, West Swindon U.K. on Fostex R8 1/4" 8-track reel-to-reel hooked up to a Mackie 8-Bus 16-channel console. Mixed to DAT @ 48kHz on a Sony DTC750 recorder via a BSS DPR402 stereo compressor. Drums programmed on Roland MC500 Mk.II sequencer from keyboard of Roland RD-250s digital piano (both 10 years old and still going strong); drum sample module is 18-bit Alessis DM5. Bass guitar: 1965 Fender Precision through Korg A2 digital signal processor. "Nigel" chord intro guitar: 1963 Gibson ES-335  All other guitars: 1996/7 Dennis Fano Satellite with Gretsch Filtertron pick-ups, all via Korg A2. Strings: D'Addario XL-115's. Jack lead: Monster cable with gold-plated plugs. Reverb unit: Lexicon LXP-1. Microphone: AKG C-414 via BSS compressor. Tonsils: model's own.  DAT master tape processed for compact disc in Sound Forge Ver.4 by Terry Jackson.

  My brother Ian and I just spent a very entertaining evening with Mr. T. Chambers and son Kai (now 17 and drumming "better than dad"), and Terry's brother Dave, drinking beer. Terry has changed very little and was full of touring reminiscences and band-humour of yore. It's been great seeing him again; reminded me of how much fun it used to be when XTC was a proper band, with nothing to lose but the humdrum. I gave him some sales figures and phone numbers to help with chasing his money and told him go get 'em.

  It's late, I go. Hope you can read this.

  Love to Krys and kits

  Gregsy (at the Starling Ritz)

From: Moore's Code To: Date: 29 May 2000 19:01 Subject: Fwd: Re: [Fwd: The New Sell Out]

    Well, hell-ooow How'd Switzerland go? Been thinking of you, gigging there.     Very nicely thankyou. Ate some very good food and looked at some extraordinary women. Played a pretty good show too, all things considered Below fwd letter, concerns an upcoming WHO Sell Out tribute disc! We're assembling some new RSM RadioLondon jingles! The guy putting it all together asked if you'd be interested in contributing! (I didn't give im yer email addy) So write him if you're interested.... seems like most/all of the songs are already taken, but any Gregs Pantry ad snippet would be GREAT! Do a jingle for Guitargonauts! He's pretty open about "unrelated" concepts...

  Hmm, did a 4-track version of Our Love Was back in December '87 (the Twentieth Anniversary, you'll recall), but it seems I was too late. What I do have is a very rare 45 from August 1967 recorded by the Radio London disc-jockeys the week the government blew them off the (air-)waves. It contains tired and emotional valedictory speeches and a bunch of rare jingles and other musical snippets, some of which I don't even remember hearing when they were broadcasting. Not sure I can be arsed writing jingles right now, but I could burn a CD-ROM of the aboves (hisses'n'scratches'n'all) if he's interested

  How's the repair job on yer eye holdin' up?   Look forward to hearing yer Monday (BLAST) Tuesday (BLAST), etc.   

Love 2 both of U and your esteemed feline menagerie

Day E. Vidd

From: "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    My mother thought that was extremely rude Date:    Sat, Jan 3, 1998 (???), 2:07am (EDT+4)

Yo, babes - that CDR I promised you should arrive by the week-end. I was working on a really cool sleeve to go with it, when the computer crashed and was out of action 'til yesterday. So I wasted Saturday evening, and you'll just get a crappy paper liner after all...

  Good luck at the Clinic tomorrow, Stevie. May the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal be yours to see on clear days!

  Your ever-loving English chum


From: (David Gregory) Date: Sat, Jun 10, 2000, 8:11pm (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Cc: Subject: Sell Out junk...conditions apply

Steven and hello Keith - glad the CDR arrived safely - I guess I've no objection to your using my track, BUT...

100 copies only! Any more and I wants a piece of the pie... Artist credit MUST read David Dreams...

You gots to send me a free copy, and a tribute CD too, please

  Good luck with the project, looking forward to hearing it very much ('specially yer jingles, Steve!)

All the best,

  Dave G.

  From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Cupid's post Date:    Fri, Jun 23, 2000, 1:44am (EDT+5)

That Mitch, huh? What a guy. HE started all this. Now he's gone off to Californy for 10 days holiday with not one but TWO young, single women. We may never see him again! Gotta wish him luck, though.

  That was a fantastic present you gave to your pa last Sunday. Had no idea he had an orchestra all his own, who had actual HITS and everything. Top 10 with Mexico in '61, I see! Didn't chart here, but he had two singles on London. Worth a five-spot each, mint.

  Keith seems thrilled with the Radio London stuff, and wants to put out those ropey 4-tracks of mine on a vinyl 7". Could be fun, I'd like that. Nothing quite like having a proper record to put on the player.

  Hope your dodgy peeper is healin' up OK. Judging from your ever-expandin' web-site there doesn't appear to be too much wrong with your eye-sight.

  I'm still cobbling together tracks for my prog compilation; did 2 mixes this week; still practicing the guitar parts to Freak Parade, though. Then I must attempt another vocal on Had To Cry...

  Crimson are playing in London next week; Pat got me a ticket, so that's a date.

  Hope all's well in your worlds

  Hugs and kisses to Krys and kitties

  Gregsy Boy.

From:    "David Gregory" To:    "Billy Anderson" Subject:    Rams and bears Date:    Thu, Jul 13, 2000, 1:32am (EDT+5)

Hello Billy - thanks for your Independance Day message, 'preciate it...been enjoying your MP3's - Mighty Rams sound just fine, even in crappy lo-fi; you've still got that BeatleyByrds thang going on in I've Never Had It So Good, and What You're Telling Yourself reminded me slightly of a band I used to be in. Jolly good work, more of it! Thought I'd do the Bearsonprozac proper justice and waited the 20 minutes for Chopping Down Trees to arrive in Hi-fi; it was worth the wait! So that's what you guys do with your week-ends, huh? Re-visit Bitches Brew is what! Love the guitar player, fabulous sound he has too.

  The Crim gig was cool, though I've seen better; the new material isn't as strong as it could be and Pat was instructed to perform on (digital) drum pads, but they played brilliantly and Adrian was in fantastic voice. They encored with Bowie's "Heroes"; how cool is that?? Adrian such a nice guy too; at the post-show party, made it his business to talk to everybody in the room (unlike Robert, who didn't even show up). And I got to meet Jeff Beck, John Paul Jones and Bill Bruford! How's that for a band!

  Hope yer pleased with yer Lexus; my 318i just fine - don't know about the ultimate driving machine, but it's far and away the best motor I've owned yet, lots of thought obviously put into driver's requirements. Made the mistake of taking it to the main dealer for a "service"; Jeez, I won't be doing that again...they charge you 20 quid just to empty the ash-trays...

  Hope you, family and assorted pets are well and that your firework display was up to snuff. I'll be downloading more of your stuff in the by-and-by, so keep it comin'

  All the best, Billy


   From:    "David Gregory" To:    "Billy Anderson" Subject:    Vox box Date:    Mon, Jul 17, 2000, 12:24am (EDT+5)

Well Billy, you sure took good care of that guitar! Or did it sound so bad you never touched it? Those Italian Vox's never really lit my candle, I'm afraid; you've priced it very sensibly so I don't imagine you'll have too much trouble selling it on. 'Sides - I got no spendin' cash, that Beamer scarfed it all up (claimed its first victim Saturday night; a li'l ol' fox-cub. Dang stoopid critter, trottin' down the middle of the road there; I tried to miss 'im, dagnabbit, but the varmint done run right under m'wheels.)

  Bet that Imac won't twang so good...

  Cheers me dear

  The Animal Jesus

From: (Moore's Code) Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2000, 12:19pm To: (David Gregory) Subject: Re: Comp-elation

Hiya DG!

So glad you like the new disc....I'm very proud of the newest material (LLL, HR, AFL)...pure old school rsm.

And "Sort Of Way' is another 1973 vintage song, remade 10 years ago!

And the Newell track is cool too, yes? Looking fwd to the tribute.

No word on the SELL OUT cd yet.

Whatchu been up to? Any home recording? Can't wait to hear the progrock stuff.

Check this out for a good larf:

Do you know Half Japanese / Jad Fair? We might be collaborating via mail soon!

How's TJackson?

Hope yer very well, KO sez hullo.

Much love,
R. Steven

From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Comp-elation Date:    Sun, Jul 30, 2000, 12:58am (EDT+5¨£)

Steveykryso! Pussy cats! Hello again

  Thank you very much for sending Love Compartment over, I'm enjoying it very much ('cept fer that annoying little kid on track 25. Jeeeeezus, Steve...say, I got some old passport photos here if you wann'em for the next one...) So far - All Fall Long, Sort Of Way and your fabulous duet on But You Love Me, Daddy. Perfect! Love the jingles too, but I guess they'll surface on that Sell Out thing shortly. Still listenin'!

  There's a slender possibility that I might come a-visitin' late September time, so look out. I'll give you fair warning if I can swing it...good luck with the new comp

  Love to all


From: (David Gregory) Date: Sun, Aug 20, 2000, 1:25am (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Not a lot really

Hello Steeevy and Kyso Krys-o

  Been off the planet workin', that's why I ain't been in touch lately. Finished off Eric Clapton/Cream appraisal, then London gigs with Steve Hogarth, now arranging some music for Japanese artists visiting week after next. My Sell Out 7" extra's been ditched; not cost-effective! Has your cool Newell track bin accepted? I believe the double-CD idea has been trashed.

  As indeed has my proposed U.S. trip, another of those rock'n'roll false alarms I fear. OK, I'll send you a Instrumental Asylum CD. Most of it's years old now. I gotta come up wiv some new shit.

  Haven't seen Terry for some time; he's got a few problems at home.

  D'you have a new kitty?

  Oh - I checked my teen-age journal for the week of May 30th 1968; you know, that big out-door concert we all did; Saturday 25th May - To Swindon to purchase pair of striped hipsters (checks were OUT) from Army & Navy Surplus Store in Fleet Street (paper round must have been doing well that week). Group rehearsal at Tich's in evening. Friday 31st May - Whitsun holiday starts - no school! Biked over to Wise's cake factory in Stratton to collect application form for summer holiday job (didn't get it). 

  I guess it must have been in a parallel universe.

  Always yours,


From: (David Gregory) Date: Sat, Sep 16, 2000, 7:45pm (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Fantastic plastic

Steee Veee - thank you so much for that generous love-gift of tobacco-marinated vinyl that arrived yesty; I love it! Mind, before I gets to play it it has to undergo the cleaning-mill treatment, a process involving the impregnation of the playing surfaces with a popular household cleaner called Mr. Sheen. This not only removes all the dust and static from the groove, but puts a dust-repellant veneer on the disc to keep it out permanently. Reducing the surface noise renders so much more music audible, bringing the whole magic of What We Love About Vinyl right down yer speakers. It don't heal scratches, but it'll bring out the vibes a treat.

  That's a lot of Stevie to listen to, and so far I've heard the red 45 (great doubl-header, really good) and Phonography, so much more enjoyable as nature intended. Oh, and those Popular Range Songs! You KNEW I didn't have enough cowboy music in my collection now, didn't you? Any idea when this was recorded/released? I noted a song on there called Ole Faithful, which was ripped off by our own Adge Cutler & the Wurzels in '66 for their yokel anthem Drink Up Thy Cider. Wonder where the Rivster is to-day?

  Thanks foer all yer recent e-messages, most of which I was able to read, and apologies for not responding sooner. Thanks too, for remembering me birfday, and for sending such a bumper gift.

  Hello Krysy, how's things?



From: (David Gregory) Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2000, 2:43am (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: ...and I loves my Stevie vinyl

Yay Steve, Krys, and yo cats -

  Couldn't believe me peepers when I opened me mailbox - what a lovely thought, thanks for remembering b-day 48. I spent it in the studio, transferring my Bach arrangement into Jap Pro-Tools and recording real oboe and some acoustic guitar. Couldn't be better really, 'cept I had to drive into London for it. Ended the day with a big feast in Camden with pal Steve Somerset and his wife Hilary, so it all turned out nice.

  What's the deal with that Jap attachment, then? Me friggin' mouse was going crackers. Where DO you find this stuff?

  Your records polished up a rare treat. They sound great - this is your medium, Robert Steven. Just re-discovered New String and I've Begun To Fall In Love; still lovin' I Hate People; gonna be spinnin' 'em all again real soon. Got so much stuff to listen to right now (and just heard Big Fresh's Hip Hop & Pop on that Starflower disc; forgot how cool that song is!)

  But now my birthday is at an end. Thanks again for all your kind thoughts. Will be back among you all just as soon as I am able.



From: "David Gregory" To: "Roger Ferguson" Subject: Achey vertabrae-ky
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 01:59:39 +0100

Poor Rog - strapped to a table and forced to listen to "King For A Day" inna muzak-stylee, with no escape...aren't things bad enough? Oh yeah, we have chiro's over here too, though they're normally referred to as physiotherapists. My drummer brother Ian, a martyr to back-ache, is a regular on the Big Couch. I keep telling him it's his shoes, but he won't listen.

Hope the twinges have vanished come show-time; have a good one (break a leg)

And good luck with those supermarket serenades!

Dave G.

From: (Billy Anderson) Date: Mon, Oct 23, 2000, 7:03pm To: Subject: Fwd: Many happys returned
just checkin' in. so glad you've found a muse in the portastudio. can't wait to hear your wilbury's.

go yankees!
go titans (we're unbeatable)!



Delivered-To: From:    "David Gregory" To:    "Billy Anderson" Subject:    Many happys returned Date:    Mon, Oct 23, 2000, 1:32am (EST+6)

Hello Billy - many thanks for birthday wishes - no need to feel bad about fergettin', I can't remember when yours is (but I know it's '52-someplace)

  Glad you're busy and the studio is thriving. I really admire your attitude in helping these young musicians and songwriters, hope it's as rewarding financially as it is spiritually. I'll check out the URL for the studio when I've got a minute.

  Thanks for your comments re. my TV toons - it's hardly cutting-edge stuff, in fact most of it is past its sell-by date, so I'm not pushing it very hard. In fact, I've "distributed" the few copies I've burned, but so far haven't had a bite. But, like, I gotta start comin' up with some noo shit. Maybe.

  Currently I'm working on an arrangement for a Japanese artist, HaLo, and trying to think up rock violin instrumentals for Linda Brava (The Brahms Bombshell). My next outing is in Utrecht, Holland, with Steve Hogarth's band, at Halloween. Rehearsals next week-end. I refuse to play in a mask.

  Thanks for the Mighty Rams disc, which I look forward to receiving in due course. Just please don't send MP3's to my mail-box! It takes HOURS to free my Inbox if the files are too big; my ISP "operates" the most convoluted, cockamamie system for clearing the problem (as it demonstrated last week-end), and throws my normally sanguine, benign temperament into paroxysms of demented rage. So please, don't. No, don't.

  Hope you and the family are well, Billy. Thanks for remembering, and keep up the good work.  

Your pal


From: (David Gregory) Date: Tue, Nov 7, 2000, 1:49am (EST+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Little bitty kittens

Hello Hello Stevie & Krys - apologies for my non- e-ppearance in recent weeks, I've been terribly busy with...oh, y'know, stuff.

  Despite hysterical media reports of late, old England isn't quite ready to float off the earth just yet, but it has been mighty soggy nonetheless. Driving home from Steve Hogarth rehearsals in London last week-end was un-real; I've never ever seen rain like it, and it just didn't stop. The motorway was awash, and at one point I coulda swore I was crossing the River Styx...little Beamer made it home safely though, four wheels good...

  So we flew over to Holland for Halloween, and played a show at the Tivoli in old Utrecht. Pissed with rain, but were we downhearted? Gig was great...ended the evening jamming on old Beatle tunes in a cellar bar up the street. Well, what else are you gonna do?

  Still playing, and loving, those vinyl albums, Steve...I'm particularly fond of "Tout/Everything", all prime Stevie cutz. Also currently lodged in my brain is "I've Begun To Fall In Love". Billy's "Mighty Rams" CD arrived in the post this morning (not had a chance to play it yet), and I noted he and Rog had done a cover of it. Has to be more than just coincidence!

  Now that I'm back on speaking terms with Andy Partridge again, I've been digging up ancient demo tracks from XTC rehearsals for inclusion in this box set that Virgin Records is preparing for release next year, and attempting to re-mix them into a listenable condition. One or two interesting surprises, but nothing worth breaking the bank for. Amazing to think there are still people out there willing to pay money for this stuff; I'm sure it'll be very nicely packaged, though.

  Thanks for kitty pic and good wishes...  

Hope all's well with y'all

  D. Charlie Gregs

From: (David Gregory) Date: Wed, Nov 22, 2000, 2:19am (EST+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Re: Newell

Cats and kittens - got your CD yet? I have to say it's just about the best "semi-pro" compilation ever I heard! Paul and his pal did a really great job sequencing and mastering it, and the recording standard is unusually high for such a project. LOVE your contribution, Stevie. I think you got closest to the emotional heart of your chosen subject than any of the others (you, and John Cooper Clark perhaps). A shared experience, no doubt! Hope you receive your copy in time for Thanksgiving, anyhow...  

So, you been buttering up old Dennis for a Fano axe, huh? Keep working on him, he'll cave in eventually. Yikes, that reminds me...he and Meridith will have been married a year this Sunday. Mustn't forget that e-greeting.  

Now I'm back on speaking terms with old Partsy again, he's got me cleaning up old 4-track demos and pre-historic live stuff for this Virgin 4-disc box that's been promised for next year. So far, we've collected over 7 hours of rubbish for their A & R wallahs to sift through. Serve 'em right for asking...  

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Keep the kitties away from that turkey, now



From: "David Gregory" To: "Billy Anderson" CC: "Roger Ferguson"

Subject: Ram On

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 01:46:10 -0000

Hello you fellows - forgive this late response, but thanks for the Mighty Rams disc, which I've finally gotten around to hearing after being snowed under with so much music stuff from so many folks, and lots of distracting work. This is a very excellent bunch of songs, and it sounds like you had a blast making the record! Great that you covered "I've Begun To Fall In Love", since I've been listening to Stevie's version a lot lately (I just put it on one of my car tapes). Lovely song. Will The Rams be going live?

Andy Partridge and I are sort of back on speaking terms again, and I'm currently co-operating with him and Colin on a box set project that Virgin Records are putting out next year. I've been re-mixing pre-historic demo tapes and live material from way back; it's funny hearing it all again after so long - a bit like finding your old art school books in your mum's attic. My, but we had some energy in those days...

Got another string date on Sunday, for a Japanese artist called HaLo, also trying to come up with instrumental rock tunes for electric violin (my bid for Linda Brava's next record) so I've still got plenty to do. I fear my promised prog-rock tribute won't be seeing a January 1st release date after all!

All power to ye, Mighty Rams. Enjoy Florida, Billy - and don't over-do it for Thanksgiving...

Best as always,

Dave G.


From: "David Gregory" To: "mitch friedman" Subject: Re: Just seen it Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 01:39:45 -----Original Message----- From: mitch friedman To: Date: 22 November 2000 02:36 Subject: have you seen it?

Hi DayVit,
    Hello there Mitch
By chance did you happen to get a glimpse of Martin's comments about the ReNewell tracks that may have been posted as recently as today on I'm not sure if he's scared of me or not. ;-)

    I just surfed back from checking it out. Seems you've created quite an impression! No, I don't think he's scared, but most certainly amused and entertained. I'd hold him to that Purple Burt cover if I were you! Have you received your copy yet?

    I actually scooted round to chez Partridge last Sunday (on my way over to family dinner), in order to present him with the discs I'd burned of the demo stuff. Perhaps fortunately, his mother and father were just leaving, diffusing a potentially awkward moment - it was our first meeting in two-and-a-half years, after all. However, he was very friendly and charming and called the next day to say how pleased he was with the discs. The medication is obviously doing its work! Virgin apparently now have over 7 hours of this stuff to trawl through. They were meant to be visiting Andy and Colin today but cried off, due to one of their number succumbing to chicken-pox, of all things. Andy has now asked me if I'd be interested in scoring a song-book, but that's an immense amount of work and I can't see EMI Publishing stumping up for it.

Anyway, just like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving Mitch; enjoy the holiday, with or without ReNewell

Dave It.


From: (David Gregory) Date: Sun, Dec 31, 2000, 3:02am (EST+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Happy New Year

Hello, my sweeties - so sorry to hear about your recent bereavement, I know how much a part of the family she was. Had a similar experience myself back in summer of '76 when our old cat began behaving strangely the day my mum and dad were leaving for a holiday. I guess he knew he wouldn't see my mum again, as he fell seriously ill over the week-end (with something very similar to Nico's complaint) and the vet advised me there was nothing he could do but put him to sleep. It was sooo sad; at 17 years he was older than my little brother, and I felt awful about it.

  At least you still have Beau...and Stevie has a new guitar! Can't wait to hear what comes out of it...Krys, you are one generous gal.

  Just remains for me to declare this holiday season closed, and to wish you health and happiness in 2001.

  Keep in touch,

  Davey G

From: DG
To: Roger Ferguson
Date: 06 January 2001
Subject: Yes, Nice, Please, Thanks

Just curious as to whether or not you received the new Big Fresh.         Yes I did thanks; it's very good - big strides in the songwriting, and nice choice of 70's keyboards. Yer boy's a whole heap o' talent! I'll e-mail him separately. Billy and Steve are hooking up in New York City this weekend while I keep the savages at bay in Kentucky. Would that I could join them *sigh*. Hope all's well in Wiltshire.       Just got a couple of great j.pegs from Steve; it's too bad we ALL couldn't have been there, isn't it? It's over 7 years since I was last in NYC. Wiltshire is slowly drying out from the drenching it received last fall (though not as soaked as some counties); everything in the garden's twice its normal size, so there's work to do out there. Do people there say "two-thousand-and-one"? By the way, it's your turn to send some new tunes!       Um... yes, most of the newscasters have avoided abbreviating it. How else do we refer to the "0" years, anyway? My clock stopped in 1999 - I can't get a grip on this millennium thing! As for new tunes - well, I just started mixing a few demos this afternoon, but I can't find the motivation to finish them somehow. Mid-life and its attendant baggage is what's up.     Hope "01" brings you all you wish for     All the best, Rog     Dave G.

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