Subject: GREGSY'S LETTER 1/31/99

   Dear Stevie (or is that Robert), and Krys-

Thanks and salutations for that huge bag of tapes that arrived via Mitch the other week, and for affording me the opportunity to glimpse further into your strange but undeniably amazing world. I've at last had the chance to play each once; but I'm staggered by your prolific creativity, and by the sheer abandon of your imagination! The songs - to which I shall be returning for a replay, very shortly - had me by turns singing along with choruses, scratching my head in bewilderment, or just laughing out loud. There's so much to figure out and I'm going to enjoy doing that in the coming months.

Krystyna, too has exquisite taste in covers (putting to shame my own rather conservative choices); I mean Baby Lemonade, There's A Place, I Should Have Been True, and So Bad on the same tape?? Keep 'em coming, Krys! Also, full marks to Stevie for spotting Joy Inside My Tears and Whispering Pines, and both of you for Goodbye My Love. Of course, I'm not completely unfamilar with your work; do we not share a side on Joachim Reinbold's Beatles tribute? in fact, two if you count the free 7". He also sent me a copy of your excellent Revolve 10" a few years ago, though it was Mitch who gave me your Phonography CD and re-kindled my interest. Clearly, he indicated to you my fondness for Dates, and I would love to attempt a serious cover of it but for the fact that I couldn't possibly do the vocal justics! The chorus hook reminds me of a subsequent XTC song, The Everyday Story of Smalltown, which Andy wrote in 1983. Could you have been fishing in the same pool at some point?

I have taken the liberty of enclosing an effort of my own, a bunch of covers (some of which may amuse you) recorded here at home for the hell of it. Since we both hatched in '52 I would imagine there might be common reference points in a number of places throughout the disc that you'd possibly identify with. Or maybe not. Whatever. Enjoy. Since I have failed to become charmed by the sonic delights of the digital recorder, I still use analogue tape for all my own work. I'd have no objection to collaborating with you by mail on anything you think I might contribute usefully to, provided it's 8-track on 1/4" tape on a 7" reel (a la Fostex R8). Get in touch and let's do something...

I wandered into a junk shop in Gorse Hill last week, craving vinyl. There was a box full of Jim Reeves stuff; about 10 albums and a couple of dozen 45's, all immaculate original RCA pressings in their original sleeves - 50p each or 1 pound 50 for 4. But nowhere could I find "But You Love Me Daddy" and left the shop with only a scratched copy of Frank Ifield's "Nobody's Darlin' But Mine." I guess you're on a rare items list even among Reeves collectors.

I've also enclosed a cassette of the most recent John Shuttleworth radio series (or most of it anyway); you're probably familiar with John Shuttleworth but if you're not-well then, hey, you soon wll be. Make sure you stick with it long enough to check out Shaun Cullen & Dylan.

Thanks again for being so generous, and do stay in touch. Looking forward to hearing whatever comes next!

Take care and all the best.
Your Friend,
Dave Gregory
p.s. God Bless Uncle Harry!
p.p.s. Eenque Pen - GENIUS!

Saved message From: (R. Stevie Moore) Date: Sat, Apr 24, 1999, 7:04pm (EST+1) To: Subject: Gregsy Dates CDR letter from Swindon UK 18 / 4 / 99
Hey, Steven --
Finally got "Dates" to a point at which I could present it to you, and here it is.
There are five mutations of the track, which I've notated on the CD insert, but I'll go over it again in a little more detail; track 1 is the finished demo, complete with my horrible vocal that pissed me off so much. It's here as a guide only, so's you know where to start (and stop) singing (assuming you choose to do so). Track 2 is the basic skeleton; guitar, bass and drums in the traditional manner, to be embellished at your will. Track 3 is the same but adds the lead guitar parts. Track 4 is the skeleton plus my silly-but-not- silly-enough backing vocals, without the lead guitars (in case you DIDN'T want the Thin Lizzy effect). Track 5 has everything on it except the lead vocal.

The Bonus Track is one that you will recognise immediately of course, and just one of many of your songs that have snagged my curiosity lately (the most recent being Everyone, But Everyone.... CURSE you for writing such a fantastic track! Ditto Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs, Hobbies Galore, Alecia, Play Myself Some Music etc. etc.). Once I'd figured out the chords, I committed it to tape quite quickly and didn't put too much thought into the mix. It was nearly five minutes long to begin with, so I had Terry do some nifty editing when we mastered the CD. It's still not right, but your song is great nonetheless.

The Burroughs-with-T-Bird picture was a clumsy attempt to mimic Chusid's photo for Delicate Tension, but of course I set the camera too high so it doesn't work so well! The solarised disc shot shows me attempting to line up the camera and the dang thing shooting prematurely. Thanks to Terry's computer we were able to give it the old Trout Mask effect. I must say yer desk-top publishing has come a long way in recent years, the possibilities seem endless.

Also enclosed, a tape of Louis' "Azure", as promised. His version of I Can't Own Her makes an interesting comparison with yours, and the XTC reading. It's a very good album but I prefer "Jackie Girl" from '96, the best bits I've included on the tape (I play more guitar on it too!). Hope you don't object too strongly to the spin I've put on your songs; FAX me your thoughts in the sweet by-and-by.

Elvisly yours,
D. Charlie Gregory.
to BA, RF & MF
[Images of artwork to follow]
{as I fwd this to you, I STILL haven't heard anything yet!!!!!!!!!
Don't even know what the Secret bonus track is!!!!!!!
Almost scared to put it in my CD player! Relishing in the ANTICIPATION as long as I can! Wonderful self-torture! Can't stand it!!!
Have to hear it, I will, within minutes!! This MUST BE THE MOST INCREDIBLE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD>
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> can i shout it loud enough:
      S T A Y   T U N E D !

From:    "Terry Jackson" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Hello Again Date:    Fri, Jun 11, 1999, 12:00am (EDT+5)

HELLO >>>>>>>

Sorry for not replying sooner I have been awaiting Mr Gregory's message , Called round to him this evening with mail and he promises to finish it soon,


enclosed snap of me in 1974 with my daughter Sam

I hope this finds you well,

I have been busy sequencing and recording as normal any spare time I get is spent in my home studio. But I am very busy at the moment with my bussiness, I am a Saddler I make saddles etc for a living, I have my workshops built on the side of our house,


will send Daves message as soon as I receive it


    1974.jpg (jpeg attachment)

   Date:    Sat, Mar 6, 1999, 7:00pm (EDT-1) To: (R. Stevie Moore) From:    Mitch Friedman Subject:    Re: XTC PICS Howdy Ho! KryStevie,

Howdy, Mitch! Had to tell you that we visited the Chalkhills site last night and viewed the photo gallery. What a treat to see the pics that you took! Studio shots et al. We even visited the Fano Guitar site for more. Thanks for the nice comments about them. Would you believe you are the first person to say anything about those pics on Chalkhills? You would think someone would've taken a look and mentioned them but no. Ungrateful Chalkhills people!! There are *many* more where those pics came from. I can email you the rest if you tell me which ones you've seen. Ah hell, I'll just send all of them anyway. Dennis Fano is a great guy. He works at Matt Umanov in the Village. There is even a Partridge guitar in the front window of the store. And he gave me a copy of a video he shot which shows Andy and Dave (separately) playing their brand new Fano custom made guitars. (I know I'm teasing you but I'll show it to you one day sometime somewhere somehow).

Got a fax from Dave in Swindon thanking me for the package. He compliments Teenage Spectacular and yup, he's in love with Ford Theatre. Cool! He asked if Harry still owns the perspex guitar from a pic that was sent. Does he?

Had some comments about his approach to the re-recording of Dates. He'll be putting his tracks on CD for us. What a mensch! Wow a Swindon mensch at that!

XTC on NEW is in the mail to you. Watch for it. Goody gumdrops! Can't wait. Thanks again. Thanks again for the inside info on AV1 personnel. It's proven invaluable to RSM friends. Check out the next message we'll be sending to you. It's regarding a recent convert to XTC-mania. You're and they're very welcome. It's absolutely no fun to possess all this inside info if I can't share it with others.


p.s. Sorry about the bulky amounts of time it must've taken to download all those pics. Most need no explanation. The studio is Rockfield in Wales. The kitty lives there. So does the horse. The cartoon is what Andy drew in my Song Stories book on my birthday when I asked him to autograph it. Dave added his own little Dave two days later.

 acn.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 andynick1.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 andynick2.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 andynickdesk.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 andypoint.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 andyshrug.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 birdshouse.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 cartoon2.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 colin.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 colinnick.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 dave1.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 dave2.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 dave3.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 guitars.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 horse&partridge.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 horsehousehill.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 kitty.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 partridge&horse.jpg (jpeg attachment)
 studiohill.jpg (jpeg attachment)

From: Terry Jackson

Sun, Jun 13, 1999, 9:11pm (EST+6) HELLO~~~~~~

I hope your move did not cause you to much stress!!!!!!!!

All of us here wish you loads and loads of luck and happiness in your new home.

Ok I have just taken some snaps for you,
1> A rather tired { to much work } and much older and balder Terry,
2> our Home
3> Ellen my wife of 28yrs and her pet duck Edd!

  Dave did mention he did have some ideas for some more of your tracks, so fingers crossed,

I will keep pushing the never can tell

  Daves website is nearly finished just a few more pages I have been told

  Lots of love Terry

  terry.jpg (jpeg attachment)
home.jpg (jpeg attachment)
ellen & edd.jpg (jpeg attachment)

From: (Terry Jackson) Date: Mon, Aug 2, 1999, 9:35pm (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore)
Subject: for your eyes only !!! HELLO!!!!!!!

R Stevie

hope the wait was not to stressfull

I have done it Dave is on line!!!!!!!
contact him on (please be careful with this )
A fax did arrive this afternoon when I was setting up the computer! HAVE FUN we visited your sites this afternoon Dave loved them they are on the favorites list he will be on line this evening we are testing system please dont forget me your emails have been fun lots of love to you both   Terry

Sent message From: (Moore's Code) Date: Tue, Aug 3, 1999, 3:06pm To: (David Gregory) Subject: Re: TRY TWO We Are Here! We Are Here!

Thank you so very much for replying.

Except, ALL THE LETTERS ARE UPSIDE DOWN!?!?? David, you gotta stand on your HEAD to write e-mail !! Didn't Terry tell you THAT???? (sorry...)

Isn't this a hoot? Wowza, we're gonna be chewing each others' ears off, fer sure!!

And, I can't get over the thought that you must be "one busy camper".....admittedly, as I awaited your first reply, I surfed to the Chalkhills site, searched your name on that awful Digest MailingList's Archives (on which it naturally appears a billion times) and discovered years of Mitch's, Peter Fitzpatrick's (who I wrote last week & he REPLIED!), AmandaOwens's, folks many of which may or may not be your friends and/or enemies and/or hangers-on, etc etc.... The last 20 years must really seem a hellish roller coaster ride, eh? Perhaps you like to avoid recollected memories these days, and I can't say I blame you. It's just so surreal that you've come round to ME! I saw you at Hurrah NYC Jan. 12, 1980!!!!!??!! Why am I acting like a f•ckin' Groupie?? (sorry....)

Did I tell you > > > I'm getting a CDR burner this week!!!! So, it's time to take the plunge yet again into Outstanding Music Making!! And I'll certainly get great joy in mailing you discs (instead of crappy cassettes) often!

Terry is such a kind mate! Consider yourself so lucky. He's been a super link for you and me. Now he's worried I'll abandon him! Ha! So tickled pink you got my homemade websites! You have slow downloads, at times? Some say they do. Even here, it's often impossibly slow, just to edit & build. For you, it's like actually being here, yes? Also, do you receive photos on yer e-mail? Sent one yesterday....can YOU download pix to e-mail to me??? That would be a GAS!

And, what's the latest on Guitargonauts? We all can't wait!!!!!! So. I've gone on too long. Thanks for reading & being such a swell chap (NOT the Angry Professor!).....



• • • • • • • • • •

  [i'm sure Krys'll be writing you later!]

From:    "David Gregory" to "Moore's Code" Subject:    Re: TRY TWO Date:    Tue, Aug 3, 1999, 6:26pm (EDT+5)

From: Moore's Code Date: 03 August 1999 17:24 Subject: TRY TWO

Good day Swindon.

Just attempting again to crack the code. Are ye there, my friend? Anxiously awaiting your words to go.

This'll nudge-nudge ya:

I'm currently writing words & melody to slap on top of your gorgeous strings piece (called "Gloria Monday", I believe?) > > > Zat ok with you, sir? Write when you can.

Love and whole wheat bread, R. Stevie

Gregsy calling Stevie...hello we have contact yet? Thanks for ALL your messages, I think this contraption is ready to talk at last. My first communication since you moved house - hope everything went to plan and yer safely gathered in (Hope y'all remembered to butter Kitty's paws). Yahoo serious?? Lyrics and melody to that piece of newscasters' ballet muzik? Best of luck! Look forward to hearing whatever you choose to add to it.

I made a start on a version of Everyone But Everyone, but kinda lost my focus...also, distracted recently by a number of things, not least of which tragic death of drummer and friend Kev Wilkinson. But I shall return to it when the spirit moves me. I WUB dat song. Your E-Mail address is among my Favourites, so when I finally get a firm handle on this cyberspace caper I imagine communication between us will be a breeze. Until then, be patient, we're still growing teeth here... Love and greetings to Krys, DG

From: "David Gregory" To: "Mitch Friedman" Subject: Hii-di Hiiiyyy, Mitch Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 02:49:54 +0100 MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Priority: 3 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.3110.3           Thanks for your E-mail greeting, and for the tape and the Stern book which arrived safely.  So far I've responded to R. Stevie and  Terry and hopefully now you too will receive this faltering first step into cyber-space from yours truly. I'm still very much at the Why-can't-I-get-that-page-up? stage, and the keyboard layout is quite different from my word-processor so I'm a-cussin' and a-hollerin' at it all day, but the sooner I get to grips with it the sooner I'll learn. I like your millennium song very much, I can detect the Davies influence (21st Century Man?), and the production is your most adventurous yet, I'd wager. I've been so busy this past week I've not had much of a chance to listen to anything, especially as the hi-fi stack in the dining room had to be completely dismantled to accommodate new computer. However, I'll get my ears around it some more this week. Haven't even had a chance to thumb through Stern's book yet, but I know I'm going to love it - thank you for sending it over. Had no success locating said jollydwarf site, but I'll keep trying. Supper's Ready is now recorded and ready to mix! It seems the Guitargonauts web-site is being launched this coming week-end. Thanks for your message! It's a quarter to three in the morning. Good night Mitch, I'm going to bed.

   Saved message From: (David Gregory) Date: Tue, Aug 3, 1999, 6:26pm (EST+6) To: (Moore's Code) Subject: Re: TRY TWO -----Original Message----- From: Moore's Code To: Date: 03 August 1999 17:24 Subject: TRY TWO Good day Swindon. Just attempting again to crack the code. Are ye there, my friend? Anxiously awaiting your words to go. This'll nudge-nudge ya: I'm currently writing words & melody to slap on top of your gorgeous strings piece (called "Gloria Monday", I believe?) > > > Zat ok with you, sir? Write when you can. Love and whole wheat bread, R. Stevie Gregsy calling Stevie...hello we have contact yet? Thanks for ALL your messages, I think this contraption is ready to talk at last. My first communication since you moved house - hope everything went to plan and yer safely gathered in (Hope y'all remembered to butter Kitty's paws). Yahoo serious?? Lyrics and melody to that piece of newscasters' ballet muzik? Best of luck! Look forward to hearing whatever you choose to add to it. I made a start on a version of Everyone But Everyone, but kinda lost my focus...also, distracted recently by a number of things, not least of which tragic death of drummer and friend Kev Wilkinson. But I shall return to it when the spirit moves me. I WUB dat song. Your E-Mail address is among my Favourites, so when I finally get a firm handle on this cyberspace caper I imagine communication between us will be a breeze. Until then, be patient, we're still growing teeth here... Love and greetings to Krys, DG

From: Moore's Code To: David Gregory Date: 03 August 1999 22:07 Subject: some thoughts

Hey again.

Was just thinking, wondering :

Did you DIG these as much as I did, way back when??????

Roxy Music       Nope, didn't get it

10cc, Sparks     1974 was a GREAT year for music! In the space of a few weeks in early spring we had Pretzel Logic, Court And Spark, Diamond Dogs and Sheet Music. Oh, and Jab It In Yore Eye by the Sharks. A month later comes Kimono My House, I mean how much better is it going to get? 10cc actually played their first proper gig right here in Swindon, at the newly-opened Brunel Rooms niterie. Because the management were keen to keep the riff-raff away, they decided not to allow anybody in wearing denim jeans. In 1974! I scraped in under the wire thanks to my burgundy velvet loon-pants, but the poor band died the death. They were great, though. I remember thinking Sheet Music was just about the best thing ever; can't even listen to it to-day! Kimono, on the other hand, still sounds f*ckin' A.

Buzzcocks     Everybody's Happy Nowadays is my favourite...

Wire             Eardrum Buzz! Genius!!

Gang of 4     Never really paid 'em much attention

PiL               One of the greatest debut singles ever. And there will always be a place in my heart for   Fodderestompf.

Undertones   A bunch of twats, but they made a few great records. Fantastic drummer...anybody remember his name?

and secondly, did Mitch tell me one time, that you had a HUGE video library?

(Just like ME! Music related, mostly....)     Loads of music television

and comedy, and 60's cult stuff like The Avengers and The Prisoner. Hours of Married...With Children, the funniest sitcom you Yanks ever sent us.

Thank you for that touching musical tribute you sent last week R. Steve, and the suitable-for-framing portrait. I will treasure them for always. It'll be a while before I am able to respond as requested, since I'm still in the lower foothills of this mountainous learning slope. Sorry if my E-mails come out upside down; I got sold a left-handed keyboard by mistake. Gotta get back to doing some music soon - me blisterz is going all soft.

Say, Krys - happy to meet you - thanks for your kind words. You surely do have an interesting background. I'm not surprised you were a DJ, you're obviously in love with music and have a perfect broadcaster's voice. I enjoyed your Encyclopaediac tape muchly, though it took a while to absorb (my attention span is withering with old age). Fab taste in covers too! Shuttleworth is something of an acquired taste for the un-prepared, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Even the most avid Anglophile would have trouble identifying most of his guests, so well done.

You asked about Kevin Wilkinson, our friend who died recently. He's best remembered as the drummer for China Crisis and the Waterboys, as well as tour gigs with The Proclaimers, Squeeze and Howard Jones. A peaceful man without an enemy in the world, and a fantastic player; he was in line to do our Nonsuch album before Dave Mattacks clinched the deal. One cannot rationalise why he would have chosen to hang himself, but it's understood his wife wanted to separate. He leaves her and 3 lovely kids, which is what makes it so utterly unfathomable. So many people showed up for the funeral that most of us were outside in the graveyard, listening to the sevice through the P.A. system. We were all in a state of shock, such a sad day.

I hope your new domicile is proving to be comfortable and neighbour-friendly. Don't let that bar-code job hamper yer creativity, now. Always happy to hear anything you and Stevie cook up. Let me know how the Dates thing does!

Time to go bye byes

Kiss the kittys for me

Dave G.

P.S. up and running at last!


   Saved message From: (David Gregory) Date: Thu, Aug 26, 1999, 2:21am (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore)

Subject: Pop's a dead ringer fer Edwyn Collins

Helloo Steeevie, helloo Krys, helloo pussy-cats -   Just spent an entertaining half-hour or so watching my info-gatherer download your spiffy web-site; love it, it was worth the wait! Still struggling with the guest book, but I enjoyed my visit and shall return often (if'n its OK by you). Neat soundtrack too! I particularly enjoyed the Lions' Den, 'specially as I'm one of Nico's favourites. Me, I've avoided pets, since if I'm away on a project for any length of time somebody has to baby-sit. Got a few spiders and that's about it, unless you count the slugs'n'snails in the garden. And yesterday another starling fell down the chimney, flappin' around in here like a daft thing; I coulda used a cat...  

Had a surprise call from Joachim at Jarmusic on Monday; wants me to over-dub some Mellotron on an old Martin Newell track. He sent me a copy of your "Objectivity" CD with Yung; ain't had a chance to spin it yet but it's sure to be great.  

Hope all's well with all of you and yours. Now if you'll excuse me I have prog-rock to mix.  

Your chum  

Gravy D.   P.S. thanks for plugging me site!



  Saved message From: (David Gregory) Date: Mon, Aug 30, 1999, 2:37am (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Moore than meets the eye

By the 'eck lad, you'll be selling records next! Congratulations on serious review from "the industry". It's about bloody time though, isn't it? How about an In-Store signing at Crazy Rhythms?

  Krys O, hey ho - thanks for lovely week-end (nocturnal) post, which cheered me no end as usual. I must say Stevie's kept very quiet about that sister of his. Unfortunately the jpg attachments didn't download, so no pin-up I guess. Saw her pictures whilst surfing your site - good lookin' gal! Are her songs anything like yours and Stevie's?

  Got to thinking earlier - you were born the day before President Kennedy died? Well, that's the very day my dad bought our first proper record player (before that, only shellac classical 78's) and we at last embraced the world of vinyl! Celebrated with purchase of Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and the world went crazy. A kinda synchronous awakening, of sorts. Just thought I'd mention it.

  So Steve - the New Music Seminar beckons! Your time is now!! The future may not be as bad as you think after all...  

Your friend David

From: (David Gregory) Date: Mon, Sep 6, 1999, 11:57pm(EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: If I had a hammer I cursed Postie when he woke me from that deep slumber at 8.30 this morn; thought I was still dreamin' when he gave me yer package...thanks so much fer the Big Bundle! Got just half-way through the CD-ROM so far...liked yer take of Chalkhills, 'specially all the vocal parts. You got all the changes down, too. Great knees-up ending! Decline And Fall, hilarious, genius, love it...KrysO you dunnit again, didn't think anybody'd remember Odessa but you covered the coolest you still have the flock-wallpaper double? That Jim Reeves guest spot is the BEST, Stevie! What a neat way to kick-start a career! Thanks so much for putting it on. There's got to be a month of listening ahead, I'll post periodically with my, uh, reactions. Thanks for thinking of me, and for your generosity. Got a busy week ahead, hope things going well for y'all...  


From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Enough already! Date:    Wed, Sep 1, 1999, 2:38am (EST+6) X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal Too bad I can't frame them...isn't it fantastic what they can do nowadays? Still no poster of the former Miss Tennessee, I notice...  

Oh, I forgot to ask in my week-end post - how did your "Chalkhills" take turn out? Sent it off to the compilers yet? Would love to hear it. That's one of my favourites, you know. Also got your request re. Debie's tapes but Steeeve...there aren't enough hours in the day to dub off ALL the cassettes of yours that I have. Couldn't we just start her off on "Phonography" and "Contact Risk", and see how things progress from there? I have plans for my own Chusid-style Best-Of CD that will be a great way of figuring out the music software Terry's installed into this thing, as well as being a rewarding and entertaining listening experience. I'll send y'all a copy when she's done (but don't hold breath waitin'). And in case you thought I'd forgotten, I still have plans for Everyone...  

Just spent all day over-dubbing Mellotron and Hammond module on to Newell's "Drowning Butterflies", a tres-dodgy 4-track cassette recording from 'round '85 or thereabouts. I don't think Martin knows about it yet, but that's Joachim's problem...I vass jest followink orders.  

It's late, late, late and I'm off to me kip  

luv 2 ko + cats   Gregs

From: (Moore's Code) Date: Mon, Sep 6, 1999, 8:47pm To:(David Gregory) Cc: Subject: tenk you daevit (& meech)

"Icarus regrets and retires puzzullled?"

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Want to thank you so much for your response to the Great Big Bundle of Joy you received. I wasn't aware that Stevie sent you the Edison songs and I was blushing from your compliment. They were done for radio station WFMU's 1991 Tribute Album to Thomas A. Edison whose West Orange NJ lab (home of the Black Maria revolving movie studio) is quite close to the station's old digs. It was used as a fundraiser incentive. Vinyl, no less. Bee Gees rule! You might not be aware that "But You Love Me Daddy" was a hit in the UK, 10 years after it was recorded. It reached #15 in December of '69. We only found that out recently (and rare version I sent was from JR's 16CD Bear Family box, w/o strings o/d)...only existing take I ever knew was the overdubbed, as originally issued in USA on RCA LP "Jim Reeves...And Some Friends"(1969)......... Hope Postie escaped without injury and you were able to return to the Realm of Sleep with ease. Wouldn't want to disturb your circadian rhythms. Enjoy the "Evelyn Place Tapes Themes" (we're listening to them ourselves now) and revel in the minimalism. Hetero Safari BIG BIG BIGGER BIGGEST News: I am getting a BAND together! We R rehearsing often, it Kicks Ass! Upcoming gig at Also hope to play Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ before Y2K!! Honestly, we're shining in home-practices on all the RSM classic hits! Many Phonography tunes. Wanna come jam?

Also, smile hearing my little sister's music. We're all bozos on this bus.

When can we finally rejoice hearing REMOULDS 2? When is SUPPER READY???

Hurry Up!

Dave is the girl everyone, but everyone is laughing about...... Over/under Simplification? Give us a kiss!

new fan page: Davy, Nesmith asks "do you check out yer Chat Box often?" RSM Army is on it all the time!! (I'm a believer!)

Gushing homespun love to you Both,

Us both, RSM_____KO


   Saved message From: (Moore's Code) Date: Thu, Sep 9, 1999, 7:26pm (EST+1) To: Subject: Gregsy 9/9/99 From: (David Gregory) Date: Thu, Sep 9, 1999, 2:20am (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: He's nuts

Hey Stee Vee, Krys-O, cats and kittens...thanks fer yer ree-sponse, still no WebFX download I'm afraid, but the bugs in this computer have been at it like knives while Terry's been on holiday. I guess he's had a load of work to catch up on since his return, which is probably why he's been a bit quiet lately. I've certainly got some work for him next time he guys! What's with the Gregsy's Home-made Assortment? I'm...I'm...touched  is what I am. And with such attractive blue wallpaper too. And cute fishes. So who was the mystery snapshooter? Looks like the Oranges & Lemons promo tour of '89, judging by the haircut, clothes and "T.R. in '88" button. But thanks...glad to be sharin' a hard-disc with y'all. Well, the CD's are goin' down a the sound of Mike Hopper...that People song, yeah...I'll be coming back to Lovera and Roger's thangs - what's the story behind Constance Malice?; The Future sounds great, kudos much deserved - I think this will make you a lotta new friends. Where We Are Right Now, which I received from Joachim only last week, really getting under my skin (LOUDEST CD cut I own, I believe). Glad Music is great, I love it; Norway pre-dates Jarvis Cocker by best part of a decade; DLMGTTTDogs on my wish-list; ILYSMIHurts made me laugh out loud (you can take the boy out of Nashville, etc.); Colliding Circles (at last) and I'm curiously drawn toward The Strange. And that's just on first listening (and as far as I've got). Oh yeah, Meesh sez you gotta send me that Heinz spaghetti commercial you did! So how's the new band coming along? Yeah I wanna jam. Haven't played live in yonks (and it's beginning to show); that reminds me - Louis Philippe is coming to NYC Sept. 15th (one performance only) - interested? My friend David Longdon (whose vocal brought my "Supper's Ready" to life) is playing guitar in his band. The poor guy's having hypnotherapy 'cos he's terrified of flying... Guitargonauts Chat-box? Hmm, it might be worth a go...I've seen some odd things in there...izzat you and yer loopy pals?? I'd probably get stage-fright and clam up (haven't played live in yonks, etc.etc.) Thanks for the great pitchers of Bob The Elder and Heavy Friends. You have one coool daddy! I've enclosed a cutting from B.I. Dec. '67 to illustrate what a difference 32 little years can make (hopefully this time it'll float into your celestial butterfly net) 'N if yer still lookin' for Chez Gregor on the Swindon map, look west under Grange Park, a strange, faraway land of yuppy folk, lawn mowers, ice cream vans, hysterical car alarms that nobody gives two shits about and low-flying military aircraft. The ideal environment for making music, in fact. You'll need a magnifying glass to find Grindal Drive. And there I must leave you, my lovelies. I MUST HAVE FRUIT.


Dae-vit (Moore's Code) Date: Fri, Sep 17, 1999, 9:39pm To: (David Gregory)
Subject: The Regurgitator, Stevie Starr

Hej, Dave--

So good to hear from you again. We await your review of said package with absolute relish.

Yes, Frampton image was far too big for us to view. It temporarily gummed up our email until we moved it out of our received messages into discards. What a shame. We wept.

Oddly enough, Peter Noone message was also a portent of a bad email day. The Sunday morning that we got that reply began a day of not being able to send or receive emails. We thought we were losing our minds thinking we had done something wrong. Egad! Later in the day, after going into the outside world shopping for much needed shelving units. we got home to countless returned messages, "postmaster unable to deliver."

Sorry that the link to the Regurgitator site fell through. Curious about what Yahoo had to do with it? In a perfect world, you would have been able to merely click on the included page text and zoom onto the entrance ramp.

Aren't we all just fumbling around in this technilogical cyberscape?

It's quite similar to the Monolith segment in 2001. We are the species at a particular evolutionary plateau who are exposed to alien intervention and enlightenment and what do we do with it?

Enough postulating!

Stay well and happy,


p.s. Stevie is adrift in cottage industry doings and sends his love. Oh, no wait, here he comes. Gangway > > > >

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

[Daves? (krys, izzit him? really??) HEY MAN! I'M BUSIER THAN YOU. WANNA CHANGE PLACES??


this may not amuse you, but since I assume you never check out the ever-changing rapport, recently I posted to yer CHAT BOX, as "Thomas Edisom" (sic)...My message was:]

"I've just electronically removed Andy Partridge's vocals from EVERY Xtc album, and am planning to replace them with computer-generated simulations of GREGSY's voice!!"

[then, following up:]

"Actually, John Peel just phoned me, having heard my 'morph', and reported that Richard Branson suddenly is offering to re-sign the boys for a BILLION pounds!!"

[forgive me]

//hey sailor...for a good time, call: // BYE BYE

From:    "David Gregory" To:    "Moore's Code" Subject:The Regurgitator, Stevie Starr Date:    Sat, Sep 18, 1999, 1:35am -----Original Message-----

From: Moore's Code To: Dave Gregory Date: 14 September 1999 22:15 Subject: The Regurgitator, Stevie Starr

Steveykrys - howdy - windy enough for ya? Glad you contacted Herman (Glad he contacted a Wiggin sister); Yahoo couldn't find The Regurgitator so I dunno...apologies for last week's poster-sized Frampton attachment, it was only meant to be a widdy biddy postcard-sized picture. Couldn't make out why it took 10 minutes to send, but I hope the message got through OK...finally listened to all your discs now (review in due course); just got a big bunch of stuff from Terry Burrows, which I haven't had time to play yet...very busy right now...hope you're just fine and dandy...

be in touch again soon

Dave E. Dave

  From: David Gregory
To: Roger Ferguson
Subject: Our 48th year, in fact Date:    Thu, Sep 23, 1999, 8:48pm

Hello Roger, thank you for your kind message and for the CD's. Between yourself, Stevie, Yukio Yung and Mitch I currently have a tall pile of discs to play, absorb and (ultimately) review, which all takes time; I played both your discs this evening and liked what I heard, though of course I shall be returning to them when time permits. Your son John and his band sound very promising, if that is a first effort; sounds like they might actually have some songs! That's a damn fine job for two days' work - hope they'll continue to learn and grow, they're off to a fine start.

Thanks for your kind Remoulds remarks; lots of people have said very nice things about it, though of course I was careful to send it only to friends and non-judgmental musicians. It was just a hobby project, and a test to see how close I could get (with Terry's help) to producing a professional-quality master from home. It's riddled with flaws, but I've learned a lot from it, Dates being another small step further forward. Thanks for your vocal contribution, by the way! I was very pleased with how that whole thing turned out.

Since Mitch put me on to Steve and Krys, I've made lots of new friends this year. The web-site has helped enormously, of course, and I'm amazed at what interest there still is for a non-singing, non-songwriting, non-performing guitar masher such as I. But Stevie seems to have taken a shine to me, possibly because I genuinely admire his talent and have told him so. I'm hoping to do some more stuff of his in the future, but it's a question of finding the time, what with all my other projects simmering away on the back-burner, and of course I have to think about making a living before much longer.

Enough of my yappin' - thanks again for getting in touch, and good luck to you and yours with your current endeavours.

All the best

Dave G.

From: (David Gregory) Date: Fri, Sep 24, 1999, 2:30am (EST+6) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Happies returned

Stevie n Krys -

just a brief line to thank you for your card and kind wishes for my birthday - thank yooo - I had a very nice day; the pick works great with my newly acquired '59 Les Paul Junior...what a little monster...

Since my last coupla posts got lost (and I still can't open any of your attachments!) I'll try writing again at the week-end, with thoughts on CD's etc., AND to discuss Gregsy's Home Made Assortment. I mean, I'm flattered but...that's a lovely version of Senses too, Steve. And Rook. I gotta go now; thanks again for thinkin' of me. You take care of that dodgy ticker now, d'ya hear?

  Dave Grogs

   Message From: (David Gregory) Date: Mon, Sep 27, 1999, 3:37pm (EDT+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: So much music (so little time)

Steve-o and R.krys -

Good morning, campers - finally got a minute to say hi and offer more words of thanks for birthday wishes and musical gifts - in the past 4 weeks I've acquired over 40 albums/cd's/tapes all craving my attention, so packing all this new information into my dim 40-watt brain is taking a while to download.

I'm still diggin' Glad Music and Future Is Worse,  2 of yer best ever. Listing Attic, gotta be Todd Rundgren's Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (pretty good); The Devil Glitch - astonishing! I really DO wanna hear this again, 'specially since my ex-band gets a name check 'bout 50 minutes in. Now that's what I call a chorus...

I was distracted whilst listening to Neblung Price and missed half of it, but I'll get back to it later.

The Tarquin Records Holiday Extravaganza, probably the best darn Christmas record in the Whole Wide World. Who's the genius Jon Aley? And I love yer Tschaikovsky. Actually there's a ton of great stuff on this, must play again soon. Harmony Rockets - best-named band of the decade! Sister Llynda - wow, she writes, sings, looks a million bucks - I'd say she sounds somewhere between Cher and Rosie Vela (but you don't have to tell her that) - you guys are just one big talent farm! Future's looking good for all of you (will Bob The Elder actually be working with the Frampy one?)

Got a nice e-mail from Billy A on Saturday - glad to be meeting members of your extended music family who are clearly all top fellows. And Amen to your blessings on Mitch F., who had me check out your pal Bob Brainen's radio playlists. Jeeezus Godd! The man's got my record collection! (and a bunch more besides); British radio hasn't been this good since August 1967, when the government scuppered the pirates. I've gotta send him a list of suggested cuts, this is too good to be true...

Gotta be going, my cherubs - got new tube compressor and prog-rock oozin' on to tape

Have a wonderful Monday,

  Gregs E.

Fwd: A little bird told me - from Gregsy    Saved message From: (David Gregory) Date: Thu, Nov 11, 1999, 2:51am (EST+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: Thanks again for kind words Steeevy and Krys-O -

  thank you the pair of you for your recent postings, much appreciated - Krys thanks for sweet Guestbook message, you are so kind. Steve, would love to collaborate some more at some point but it's time I worked harder at working up more original music/songs, at least to a point where they're more than just whimsical sketches. When I get stuck I'll certainly give you the call. You're a great confidence-booster and I appreciate and value your interest sincerely, as I do your amazing original talent. I think your voice too has matured, with the passing of time, like a fine brandy. You take good care of it now!

  I seem to recall a query you had re. Captain Sensible. If yer still innerested, I found him to be a perfectly charming fellow. Quite a lot of personal tragedy in his life, yet he still manages to spread a lot of joy around. Very under-rated musician and song-writer (give a dog a bad name?); still seen by most here as being a bit of a clown, the comedy element in The Damned who got lucky and had a massive hit later with Happy Talk. But there's a serious artist in there struggling to get out, and I hope he makes it, because he'll never stop wanting to entertain folks.

  Billy just posted notice of forthcoming CD; looking forward to checking that one out -

  First Gregsy's Home-made Assortment, now Gregsy Makes Me??? You'll be forming a tribute band next! I'm unbelievably flattered!! If it's half as good as your Day-vid Greg-Or-Eee In Swin-Dunnn song last summer it'll be worth waiting for...

  Be happy, be lucky

  Gregs E.

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From: (David Gregory) Date: Sun, Nov 28, 1999, 12:26am (EST+5) To: (R. Stevie Moore) Subject: It's MY turn on the pooter, Stevie Hello you guys - have we given enough THANKS yet? Christmas is just around the corner...I can't wait

  Krys, thanks so much for allowing us a peek at your family and history, that's quite a story. Got it in my Favourites browser for future reference and up-dates. Your brother and mine share the same birthday! Still awaiting Encyclopediac 2, mind...will you be advertising it on your site?

  Too bad Ian S. got his knuckles rapped; what was the problem? Maybe TVT grassed him up. They've got a lot of demos coming their way, I reckon!   Been enjoying Billy's discs; Steve, Europe is genius. You were just little kids! Love your guitar playin' on Dear Lady. Let's have more songs!

  I dare say Terry's told you he's been cleaning up an old Gaberdines gig from '91, which he's all excited about. It's nice to have an aural record of the band but they were an essentially live experience, best enjoyed after a surfeit of alcohol has been consumed. I'm sure you'll receive a disc as soon as it's ready.

  I'll be off, then. Take good care of yaselves and those kitties

  luv Dave G.

From:    "David Gregory" To:    "R. Stevie Moore" Subject:    Stevie Moore Presents... Date:    Mon, Dec 6, 1999, 11:03pm (EST+5) X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal

Hello my lovelies - thanks very much for the discs - lovin' Encyclopediac 2, Krys. As always, great choice of songs and your voice sounds really fine. I'll be playing this A Lot. The WFMU phone-in is a curiosity, do explain! And congratulations on the very-difficult-to-sing Goodbye My Love! And good to hear another Cat Stevens song getting an airing, too (heard the new Mavericks?)

  Nice digital re-mastering job you did on your instrumental Beatle covers, Stevie. I know you had a lot of fun doin' that. Love that first note of Here There And Everywhere especially!

  Have no idea what that notepad attachment was you sent at the week-end. I'll have to wait til Terry calls again...speaking of whom...he came round last week with that Gaberdines disc to send you. I haven't sent it yet.

  Louis Philippe wishes all his friends in the New York area to know that he has a week-end residency at The Fez coming up this week-end.

  Got lots of e-mails to catch up with, so I will leave you now



From: (Moore's Code) Date:    Sun, Dec 12, 1999, 12:48pm To:,,, Subject:    Gregsy Calls!

A First !!!!!

Dave leaves his first telephone message with RSMKO™ speaker below!

(it's a bit distorted, sorry)

We plan to call him back later. Wish I could record THAT!

Bloody well right! Love,

recording.wav (WAV attachment)