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Amana Air Command 90

The Amana Air Command 90 Ultra Efficiency Gas Furnace fives you a remarkable 90%+ efficiency (AFUE) that delivers versatile operation, dependable home heating comfort and incredible energy savings. That's because it has a unique design, top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship that make it the best choice for your home heating system.

The key to the Air Command 90 gas furnace's outstanding performance is its high-efficiency, dual heat exchanger system. The Primary heat exchanger's patented tubular design provides more heated surface area. It's secondary heat exchanger (recuperative coil then extracts still more usable heat. And then, the induced draft blower system delivers a precise gas-to-air mixture while preventing warmed air – and your heating dollars – from escaping up the flue when the furnace is off.

The result is a level of efficiency that surpasses most furnaces installed just a few years ago operating at only 55-60% efficiency. The Air Command 90 gas furnace can literally save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year you own it.


The care that goes into designing and building the Air Command 90 gas furnace is why we can offer you one of the industry's strongest warranties*: limited life-time warranty on the primary heat exchanger and the recuperative coil, as well as a 5-year limited warranty on parts. For added security, consider Amana Asure extended service protection.

It's this kind of commitment to our customers and quality that makes the Amana Air Command 90 gas furnace an outstanding value for your home heating needs. Savings and dependability you can trust, from the company that stands behind it.


Since you'd want money-saving efficiency for many years to come, we build the Air Command 90 gas furnace with superior materials. And we start with its most crucial component – the heat exchanger.

State-of-the-art, enhanced electronic controls mean you'll never have to worry about the pilot light going out, because it's been replaced by a reliable hot surface ignitor.

The Amana Air Command 90 gas furnace is a dual certified furnace, capable of running in standard non-direct vent mode or direct vent mode. In direct vent mode you receive even quieter, cleaner and more durable performance because it burns cleaner outside air for combustion.

The sealed blower compartment and direct-drive blower provide smooth, quiet operation. The high quality painted steel cabinet protects against rust and corrosion for many years.

Highest quality construction, craftsmanship and attention to detail make the Air Command 90 gas furnace the clear choice for long-lasting dependability.


The Air Command 90 gas furnace is available in up-flow and counter-flow models; both can be configured in either horizontal left or right positions for maximum installation flexibility. A full range of matching Amana coils are available for central air conditioning. Electrical connections for add-on cooling, electronic air cleaners and humidifiers are standard for ease of installation.


In most furnaces, the primary heat exchanger transfers 80% of the useful heat into the home after combustion. The Air Command 90 furnace gains at least an additional 10% by capturing the normally vented heat and directing it into a secondary exchanger (recuperative coil).


Tests show that indoor air may contain contaminants from household chlorine bleaches or solvents. When these contaminants are exposed to combustion in the furnace, they could damage key components such as the heat exchanger. The result of burning cleaner outside air in direct vent mode is a reduction in possible component damage by contamination and a more durable long-lasting furnace.