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GIL'S Web Page... LOL!!!

(FLASH.. NEW UPDATE)Hi I'm working on it but it takes time ..I'm out peeps ...Sorry for no recent up dates ill work on it soon ..It will get done

Here is a little bit about me!!(Maby ill give you alot)

  • APPERANCE:I'm 5 foot 6 inches, I weight in at about 155lbs.,I have greenish hazel eyes and dirty blond on my back of a tribal wolfe...4 earrings and my newest is a tongue i got another tattoo of a tribal band on my right arm.
  • JOB STATUS:I currently am employed with Verison in the northern New Jersey district....My job title is Multi-Media Services Technician..NOT FOR LONG ..I'M FINALLY GOING TO CORE..To get the raise I deserve
  • HOBBIES: Mtn.biking, crusing around in my new ride( 2000 Xtreme).Which is in the progress of getting tricked out..,riding my banshee in the trails or on the track, and just chillin with friends!!!!
  • DATING STATUS: Engaged to the woman of my dreams and could never be happier -
  • Living STATUS: Curently in my apartment in vernon..Yes im still in Vernon for NOW..hope fully not to much longer !!
  • Humm..... WOW there are just way to many to list right now!!!!!!
  • A really big shoutout to my wonderful family in Myrtlebeach S.C.!!!
  • Mike your new Web site is great to you on the chat line in it !!!!
  • One for my lost brother......I will always miss you Jimmy (your in my heart)
  • So guys when are we going riding.
  • A BIG SHOUT TOO....No 1 b_itch..find the hidden link....its here on a page.(ya right)
  • "The prospairity in life is too much to carry unwanted feelings"(in most cases)
  • .......and I really do mean that one
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