april 23, 2002: hey everybody! if you guys are looking for some really good music, let me recommend 3 artists. 1) dashboard confessionals, you probably have heard their song "screaming infidelities." 2) simple plan, if you get much music, you might have caught their video "i'm just a kid." these guys are awesome, from quebec, and the lead singers name is pierre...lol that's not a knock on our french and french canadian friends, i just love that name. on one of their tracks, mark from blink 182 sang back up vocals...cool stuff. and 3)avril lavigne, the song "complicated" is awesome. that's all i have for you on the new music front...hmmm now that i'm sitting here, maybe i'll make this into a section and update it every so often, cuz i know you all care about what i'm listening to and what i think is good =) lol anyhoot, there is one update...lol crystal and wendy sent me a parody to the song "cinderella." check it out under contributions...later!