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"Yes we love ech other" Bravo, April 1999

A love story like those in the story books. They meet for the first time when they are 11 years old at the "New Mickey Mouse Club" in Orlando where both work and go to the Disney school. "Even then we liked each other and joked around alot," remembers Britney. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had a lot in common even then. Both are from the South in America, she from Kentwood near New Orleans, he from Memphis. Both recognized early on their talent as singers and dancers, and as kids dreamed of becoming pop stars.

For some time they lost contact with each other. Only on the 17th of November 1998 when Britney was in Orlando, FL at the Tupperware Center as 'N Sync's opening did they see each other again. Justin Timberlake stood during her 10 minute appearance, hidden behind the black curtain. That "little girl from next door" had turned into a young woman. He followed every one of her dance moves. He was happy and proud seeing all of the fans who were into her. "But it was on the next day at the second concert that we first rant into each other," says Britney.

Justin waited impatiently for her set to end. He offered her a Coke backstage and chatted with her for a long time. Britney: "We had a lot to tell each other! I told Justin that a few months ago I broke up with my boyfriend in Kentwood and that I couldn't fall in love again so fast." Justin wouldn't give up. He had fallen head over heels in love with her (how dump is he???) and wanted to spend all of his free time with her. The tour would last until January 17, 1999 and would guarantee 50 performances. Britney: "We had enough time to get to know each other. I soon revealed that I was in love with Justin."

They both became inseparable and would meet privately as often as they could. They decided to keep their romance a secret so as not to anger his fans. Britney's success with her debut single "Baby One More Time" and album of the same title, both of which went to number one on the US charts within a few weeks, turn her into a superstar. She was labeled as the new Pop Princess. Justin, with the incredible success that 'N Sync has had in the USA, is her perfect prince. For her birthday on December 2 he gave her a gold ring which she always wears. After the concert in Las Vegas they celebrated together.

Justin's 18th birthday on January 31 would be especially exciting for both. "Why remains our secret," Britney says and turns red (are they married? Britney said in a few interview "no wedding no sex, i'm a virgin"). Since then they see each other rarely but talk on the phone almost every dayand send each other faxes. While Justin and 'N Sync begin their arena tour in Jacksonville, Fl on March 3, Britney stays home with her parents in Kentwood. The reason: just before shooting the video for her second single "Sometimes" she injured herself during a dance routine as a piece of bone in her knee splintered off and became lodged under her kneecap(whoa, and i thought she got a boob job). With a heavy heart(poooor brit), Britney packed her suitcase and flew to Kentwood. Just a while after she went under the knife in New Orleans.

Justin had to pull himself together so as not to let his worries affect him(*G*). Luckily(luckily????) the operation was successful, and on March 9, his first free day during the 'N Sync tour, Justin flew from Pittsburgh to New Orleans to surprise Britney who had since been brought home by her mother Lynne. He brought a huge bouquet of flowers with him. Both had tears in their eyes as they embraced(*sniffle* THAT'S just soooo romantic!!!!). While Justin tours with his group throughout America, Britney waits with longing in her home in Kentwood for his telephone calls. Both write each other love letters and can hardly wait until they can be together again.

As soon as Britney is well, as full schedule awaits her as she plans to tour the world. That will be the test of their young love, but Justin and Britney are sure that they can survive the long time apart. Britney: "We have waited six years to fall in love an become a couple." (how stupid of them)