ok, so i'm making my usual round of checkin out brit fan sites (i try to find pics and news). anyway, i was lookin around, and there was this support britney thing...and there were all these things saying ban anti-sites...anyway, me being bored outta my mind, decided to leave a little message in the guestbook. hopefully, the webmaster will write me back...i'll keep ya posted. here's the site url: support britney. here's what i wrote:

Name: l.t.
Website: not gonna put it up, cuz you're just gonna go and hatemail me
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-12-21 02:01:38
Comments: ok, i give you credit for wanting anti-sites to be shut down and all, but may i bring up a point? ok, on your index page, you say, and i quote, "Who are we to judge someone by the clothes they wear, or what they have done? We shouldn't judge someone by this, and we especially shouldn't judge people we haven't met, or people we really dont know." now, it seems to me, that you are being a tad bit hypocritical, cuz as much as i know, i don't know you, and you don't know me. you are basically judging me by the fact that i dislike ms. spears. on my site, i have an explanation of why i do not like ms. spears, and it is basically because i think she does not possess any talent. i don't not sit here and criticize you for liking her, and putting up a fan site, despit that fact that i do not like her. but, you are sitting here, doing a campaign, trying to get my opinion shut down..that doesn't seem very fair. first amendment, how did that go? oh yes, it guarantees any united states citizen freedom of speech. as long as it is not trying to pass false statements as the truth. last time i checked, no anti-britney site was trying to state any of their opinions as actual fact. i have the right to express my opinion, and so do you. so i give you props for making the sites that you have. i know, you wanting to shut down anti-sites is your opinion, but is there really a need? by having those sites shut down, you're subjecting the public to propaganda by not showing both sides of a story or different views of ms. spears. i on my site, have fan sites linked, that way people can form their own opinion. as of now, you're making anti sites seem like a bad thing. people have the right to express themselves, in any way, shape, or form, and i'd appreciate it if you didn't criticize my site for expressing my views. thank you for your time.
an anti-britney site webmaster