sent in by Leanne. from the san jose mercury news (it has the persons comments in it.

"Britney says it's lonely at the top"

Britney Spears is finding that fame can be painful. The 17-year-old who's become a sensation with her sensual "...Baby One More Time" hit tells this column, "People tend to think someone in the public eye is not normal and say things that hurt my feelings. I wish they would stop."
(my comment: wah like a honestly think no one would ever make fun of you because you think you are soo beautiful and famous...i got new for you britney baby)
The former Mouseketeer feels particularly stung by reports-some accompanied by "before and after" pictures-that she's undergone breat enlargement surgery. She insists, "It's simply not true. Some people will do anything to sell magazines." She is also bothered-and says she was suprised- by the reaction to her Rolling Stone, Lolita-like photo spread and stresses, "I knew I wasn't posing for a teen magazine. I felt good about what i did, and so did my parents, who were there during the shoot. I don't understand why it was made into such a big deal."
(my comment: okay maybe it's because you're a 17 year old whore brit and it proves that you are a whore with these pics)
How does she feel about becoming a role model to millions of young girls with her moaning and groaning "...Baby One More Time"-which is among the numbers she'll sing on ABC's "Walt Disney World's Summer Jam Concert" on Friday? She says, "I just do what makes me happy without hurting anyone and try to live the best life I can."
(my comment: okay what did that answer have to do with anything- did you listen to the question Brit?)
Her life revolves around her work, and though she will be making three apperances on "Dawson's Creek" this fall, she intends to continue to concentrate on her singing. She's currently rehearsing for a U.S concert tour that will last from the end of June to mid-September. She expects to tour in Europe by next spring-and this will fall will be back in the recording studio starting her second album. "They let me go home every six weeks and be myself-be with my friends...
(my comment: brit has friends? she must be lying-ha what else is new?)
( my comment: can we say airhead?)
I don't have a boyfriend. I simply don't have the time
(my comment: what guy would want you Brit?).
As it is, my life is real full right now- and very fulfilled."
two words: total AIRHEAD!!!!!