ok, so today is roxy's b-day (happy 14th gurl!!). anyway, this is a total and complete work of fiction on my part, and is prolly going to be extremely stupid, but you know what, WHO CARES?!?! it's her b-day, and that allows me to have fun with it, k?? anyway, here's what happened roxy:

joey knew that your birthday was coming up, and he thought real hard about what to get you. he thought long and hard and decided that he needed help

he was desperate, so he asked justin for help...when he figured out that justin was no help, he came to me

he said, how about matching tatoos...i then pointed out that you weren't 18 yet, and that i don't think your parents would appreciate you getting one right now.

i don't know what to get her he said after that

he got very frustrated and upset :(

he thought, and thought, and thought, but nothing came to him...he looked soo sad

then he realized he had the perfect gift for you...

HIMSELF!!! DUH?!?! why didn't he think of that earlier?

so, here he is roxy, looking finer (ugh!! j/k) than ever for you: