1. oops!...i did it again--already over played....it's an ok song when you don't hear it forty billion times in one day.
2. stronger--this is what you get when you have a pop star try to unsuccessfully put guitar riffs in a song.
3. don't go knockin' on my door--i don't know....it's ok...i guess.
4. (i can't get no) satisfaction--OH GOD HELP ME!!! what was once a kickin song has now become a pile of dog poop.
5. don't let me be the last to know--i like this one...i don't know why, but i do.
6. what u see (is what u get)--i like this song...it's kickin....don't ask, it's my new word.
7. lucky--by a landslide my fave song....i love it...it's the only reason i bought the album.
8. one kiss from you--ooo this is the song that reminded me of mariah...at least the beat did.
9. where are you now--it's an ok song...i kinda like it...
10. can't make you love me--this song's pretty cool...
11. when your eyes say it--i don't know if i like this one or not...haven't really listened to it.
12. dear diary--the song co-written by britney...it well, kinda sucks...and it's by far the shortest song on the album, only a 2:46....the next closest one is 3:14.