this was sent in by Aries4...I totally agree with her...Thanks

Why should I be jealous of Britney spears because:

1.I can't afford to have breast implants which I don't need because mine are big enough and real

2.I can't go around dressing like a skank for magazines(aww too bad)

3.I don't have a weave (which looks very nappy I must say)which I don't need thankyouverymuch

4.I don't get paid for singing (badly I might add)(actually very badly)well....I always have wanted a job which didn't require any work and someone made you look good even though you don't do anything.

5.I'm not dating a member of n'sync(but then again neither is Britney)ATTENTION ALL N"SYNC FANS JUSTIN DISS COMING UP IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT SKIP TO NUMBER SIX.Oh boo hoo I don't get to date a curly haired bleach blond boy awwwwwww.

6.I don't get to diss people(lets not forget the backstreet boy incident)and be a ditz

7.I don't get to be a phony and treat my few fans like trash.

8.Oh yeah thats my life's work to be able to fool someone into thinking I have talent and letting the studio make me sound better then I actually do(lets not forget the rosie o'donnell show incident)

9.I don't get to jiggle around for twelve year old kids(the kids choice awards)

10.I don't get to mooch off of someone else's success to build up my own career(N'sync)and act like I did it all on my own.

11.Now I don't know why but for some reason I don't want to be britney spears aka a weave wearing bleach blonde wannabe who probably won't be anywhere to be found in ten years.