this ain't your normal britney news. here, you'll find the interesting stuff--the tantrums, the meetings with j-dawg (justin), none of the tv dates...

June 28, 2000:

* reports that Britney Spears has added fuel to the fire of the ongoing debate regarding her breasts. The sexy star has admitted to wearing false breasts in the sultry video for her single Oops... I Did It Again. She claims the figure hugging red PVC catsuit she dons for the video made her look "completely flat". Her stylists whirred into action to artificially aid her infamous front. Britney is widely rumoured to have had her breasts enlarged - but the curvy pop princess claims the sudden increase in size is simply due to natural maturity.

*JAM! Music reports that two residents of Britney Spears' hometown have created a museum at the request of her fans. Sections of the Britney Spears Museum will be devoted to her early childhood, her tenure as a Mouseketeer and her present status as a chart-topping pop singer. The museum, which will be part of the existing Kentwood Museum, also will include a gift shop. Spears' parents have donated some childhood dresses and other items, said Sandy Reed, who is volunteering to establish the museum. She and another co-ordinator, Kathy Bryan, met earlier this month with Spears' manager and accountant, and both liked the idea, Reed said. "I'd love to say, 'And the opening date will be...' but we're not to that point yet," Bryan said. She said the idea for the museum was a response to phone calls from fans to state and local tourism councils.

*The Hartford Courant reporting on some more feed on the lovebirds, Britney Spears and 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, from a Java source close to the scene. First, Spears checked into The Goodwin Wednesday at 5 a.m. wearing her pajamas. Timberlake came to visit her in her two-bedroom suite (Mom was with her) at 11 a.m. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses when he left with Spears at 4:30 p.m. for the Meadows, Timberlake was still recognized and mobbed by screaming, crying fans. Java could not determine whether the 'N Sync heartthrob stayed over, but they did order room service: two grilled-cheese sandwiches at midnight.

*dotmusic is reporting that Britney Spears is distressed because she doesn't see enough of her 'N SYNC boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Apparently the singer recently caused chaos in Orlando, Florida while filming the video for her new single, 'Lucky'. At first it was her clothes that caused her unhappiness, which meant a wardrobe assistant had to search Florida for a new outfit, and then she allegedly yelled at the director and had visitors sent off set. It was suggested that Spears almost cancelled the whole shoot but changed her mind at the last minute. Britney's temper tantrums have been put down to an aching heart. Her friends say she is missing Timberlake terribly as both have had heavy and demanding schedules in recent months.