so, you wanted to know about me?? well, here ya go:

name: mels
location: jersey
birthday: january (does this mean i'm getting presents from u guys??)
eye color: brown
hair color: brown with blond highlights
color: purple and black
movie: ten things i hate about you, hard days night
food: italian
music: everything...except rap and britney
nsyncer: chris
bsb: brian
98* guy: drew
actor: heath ledger

personal stuff:
do u have a boyfriend: no--couple of prospects tho
other webpages?: Devilish
shout outz: manny--hey grrll!! sup?? you know who i'm talkin bout when i say he does not have thug appeal...
e v--sup?? thanks for lettin me use your comp. all the time
k t--you suck!! hahaha...and you're paranoid
mg--hey hey!! i can't believe u got me on la la
heat--yeah!! whoo hoo...take joey, he's all yours

here's some things that i'm just gonna say:

1. i will not call britney any names like bitchney, bratney, booby, biteme smears, etc. i just won't capitalize her name. and if it is, then i made a mistake

2. understand this: i am not jealous of britney. i do not want to be britney. this site was not made out of jealousy. it was made for the fact that i saw her perform live, and thought that she had no talent. got it??

3. i'm not britney...why would i do a hate site on myself??