I totally agree with you on everything your website said! I think Britney has no talent (she has a studio voice) and I think she dresses skanky. She thinks she is a good role model for teen girls, but she is sending out the wrong message: she thinks that all teen girls want to dress sexy, (she said this in the TV Guide) but also thinks that she doesn't dress very sexy! Come on. She dresses like she wants to bone every guy she meets. And her parents said they see how she dresses like a costume, so it doesn't bother them! Can't they see that she is saying it is OK to dress skanky and that you aren't pretty without fake boobs and tiny tops?!?! I just don't get it. She is ruining the image of a beautiful girl by making it phony and cheap. I think it is a disgrace to have her as a role model for young girls. She should put some clothes on. And if she really could sing well, she wouldn't need to dress like that to get attention. Obviously she has no talent and has to depend on her looks to get her places in life. It is very, very sad. Thanks for your time....she just really bugs me!!!

Cindy, age 17
San Diego, CA