this was sent in by Jenkins, it answers the ever so important question of why is brit idolized.

Why is Britney Spears idolized?

She's cute, pirky and a southern princess. What is wrong you ask? First of all, I have to live with a Britney-wannabe...eck Here are my thoughts on the, nevermind. Number one- Britney's voice in much like Whitney Houston's, sorry I beg to differ.... Whitney has a much greater level of talent, voice quality, and experience that Britney. Whoopie if she can dance. Also, her voice is rather, um bad?! I was told by a "wannabe" that her voice is deep, you call that deep? She can sing about as good as a horse. I am not just saying this, but if you listened to my voice then hers, you tell me whose is better. I will sing for you if you ask me. I can sing and that is no lie.

Number two- ask any guy why her likes her. It's it her sparrow-like voice? I think not. Come on, the only reason guys like her is because of her looks. But don't say that I am jealous. I am happy with the way I look, and I would never alter my body in any way (ah hem). You probably think I can't get any dates but she can. Oh well, guys are so high matinence (anyways I was just in a 6 month relationship with a guy!) Number three- tell me again about your knee surgery, will you Britney? That was no knee surgery. You must have at least a month of physical therapy (I have looked in to it!!) She had what, like a week? Time enough for the ah hem, other scars to heal. Now, honestly take a look at a picture before knee surgery then one of after, see a difference?

Number four- my sister and cousin are in for a big disappointment. She is the new fad, she will fade ( Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, etc...) She will have a few songs, then hit rock bottom, when her cover of Cher's song doesn't even make it to the number 99th spot. Does she even write her own songs? Don't think so, Lots of artists write their own songs when they first come out. So what is she had songs throw at her, is she illiterate?? The names of her songs give the decent girls a bad name. " Born to Make you Happy" hello, manslave? I am not a feminist, but geez give us a little credit and dignity. And worst of all, the Cher cover. Cher is doing more at her age that probably any performer ever will I am not saying this because I hate her, but she is giving the wrong message to girls: Get a boob job and shed your self- respect, beauty is the only thing that will get you through life. Take it from me I did smutty photos and now I am a superstar!!