This was sent in by Identity N/A, and it's some notes she took on my hatemail.

1) How come people say your jealous if you have good reasons to hate her and always remind people of the fact that your not jealous

2) some of 'em are hypocritical because they say it's wrong to make fun of someone you don't know (Britney) and then they make fun of N'Sync ( I, personally don't like 'em, so it's not in their defense or anything, just makin' a point)

3) They say you haven't met her which proves they haven't actually looked at your site

4) someone said for you to post a picture up. They wanted to compare you to Britney to see if your jealous of her looks. What and if you were ugly (I'm sure your not. I've only seen one ugly person in my life) they would criticize you. But they say it's wrong to criticize ppl

5) they make fun of anyone else who hates Britney. That just offends me