oh no!! she's gonna attack!! see, you shouldn't have pissed her off

Okay so i've spent about an hour or so looking all through your site, and i just wanted to say that i do not find it amusing at all what you've been saying. Brit and I have been friends for a long time...and i know how much of a sweetheart she is, so i just had to tell you how i felt. First of all, everybody has their opinions, and that's fine...but whenever it comes to bashing celebrities, it's pretty stupid. Opinions are based on your feelings for somebody whom you've met and know...but in the case of celebrities, you dont even know them, and it's dumb to rely on sources like tabloids, magazines, or anything else. I don't exactly love all the teen stars out there...but when it comes to people like Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, and Christina Aguilera...i really like them all. Even if i dont like their music, or i think that they lip sync, does it matter? The bottom line is, they are making the way for all other teenagers who want to follow their dreams. And who really gives a crap if Britney got a boob job...it's her perrogative! You aren't her mother, you shouldn't care. And Mandy Moore, you said you saw her live and thought she was lip syncing...she wasn't, Mandy actually has a beautiful voice and since you seem to have a problem with belly showers, you should love Mandy cuz she doens't wear em! And as for Britney's songs sucking...I have to say, she may not have the best opera like singing voice, but her songs really are great. you are sadly mistaken when you say she's only had one hit...Baby One More Time, then Sometimes was number one, then Crazy, then From The Bottom of My Broken Heart, and now Oops i did it again...Plus, I also think that the things you are dissing Britney for are so petty...you say she's a whore? Well, maybe she is, but you have no way of knowing for sure, and if she is, who cares!!? It doesn't affect you...or you say she has a fake smile...that is the lamest one of them all...who are you to judge her smile? Everybody has their own smile, you shouldn't be dissing her for something she was born with. Also, her middle name is Jean, not Jeau...did you forget how to read?? LoL. Lastly, i think that you really need to stop voicing your opinions when you have nothing to support them...just think of it this way, before Britney and all the others, all there was were made up boy bands, and grunge rock! If you think N'Sync are so great, then i don't see why you dislike Backstreet Boys or 98 degrees...because they're all the same...they can't play their own instruments, or write their own songs. So that's all i've got to say...i'm not bashing you, i'm just telling you to think about your hatred. It is stupid...so i think you need to get over it. how come my site attracts brit and her friends?? why?? why?? am i just that lucky? opinions aren't always about people you know. i do like mandy moore (i mite wanna check my opinion page). did i ever say brit needed to have an opera voice for me to like it?!?! noooo...i personally don't like opera. ok, the thing i read about brit's middle name said J-E-A-U...not jean...if i find it, i'll scan it. where have i ever said i hated bsb and 98*....ugghhhh two words for this chick BITE ME!! ok, so i woulda rather said somethin else, but i'd get my account deleted for sayin it.

Whoa you have a suckin site!! First off I'd like to say please don't share this adress with anyone! O.k I'm a friend of brit and when she's on tour sometimes I'm with her!Don't believe it if you don't wan't.Well she and Justin r not datin'.O.k I must say Justin is a nice guy but he's uglyness is neverending. Brit and him did date, but it was not long and it's over!!They r good friends.I don't know why I'm tellin' this,but it's for damm little girls who think Justin is theirs! Notice I'm not Brit!!!!! Bye damm! Tell every Justin lover he's dating 1 I know and it's not Brit! Oh and Nick (bsb) is dating a 17 old girl called Mandy willaford!! Suck'
do i care if they're dating?? not to mention, i don't care who nick's dating. why would britney's friend email me?? i have no idea...i'm confused. we do actually share one same: we both think justin's ugly...hehe hmmm...do i share her addy...do i not share her addy?? *cough*teenbabe@angelfire.com*cough* damn cough again

Well I'll just take some of my time to let u know that half of the things u say about me r not true!! I know for a small dumb jealous girl like u it's dificult to believe a star is mailing u... Well I did date Justin but it's over!!(and if u r a damn lover , get him off the head cuz he doesn't date wannabe's like u) And u idiot, I ......well I'll stop cuz I havn't got reasons to tell u anything! Don't share the adress with annyone. bye
oh yes, you're such a star ::snicker:: how would you know what he dates?? obviously he has no taste in girls if he dated you...btw, i'm not a wannabe...if i was a wannabe, don't you think i'd be a little more harsher than i am?? to share the addy, or not to share the addy?? *cough*britneybjsspears@angelfire.com*cough*