Cindy--this is for you...All about your man, feel better babes!!

Full Name
Scott James Tim Robinson

Spider - because of his legs, Curtains - when he had long floppy hair and centre parting

Date of Birth
November 22 1979 (Scorpio)

Place of Birth
Basildon, Essex

Dark Brown



5' 11"

Mick & Sue

Most food

Music, basketball, skating

Ideal Woman
Blonde, blue eyes, like Alicia Silverstone

Previous Jobs

Previous Bands
A band with 2 of his mates but it fell apart

Childhood Hero
Knight Rider

Distinguishing Marks
Appendix scar

Fave Film
'White Men Can't Jump' - he has to say though that white men can jump!

Fave Book
The Hobbit

Fave Food
Pizza. He only likes junk food and he gets ill if he eats other stuff - he suppose there must be something wrong with him.

Fave Babe
Alicia Silverstone

Fave Word

Fave Sport

Fave Spice
Mel B - 'cuz she's a nutter, just like him.

Fave Place

Fave Boxers
Calvin Klein

Fave TV Show
He used to think 'Red Dwarf' was brilliant. He went off it a bit but he thinks the first series they did was excellent.

Fave Hang-out
The pub in Essex

Fave Accessory
He feels naked without his jewellery.

Fave Take-away
PIZZA - just a magherita

Fave Cuddly Toy
Gizmo - from the film, Gremlins. Scott has had it for years and years and years (his mum bought it for him when he was 8) and if it ever get lost he thinks he'd cry! It doesn't live on his bed anymore but is next to his bed with all of the teddies from 5ive.

Fave Way To Chill
He enjoys spending time with his parents or girlfriend. (Cindy)

Fave Sleeping Position
Cuddles the pillow underneath him - he finds this position very comforting.

Fave Romantic Moment
Meal for 2 with his ex

Fave Christmas Memory
His sisters were given loads of presents one Christmas, and he thought his parents had forgotten him. Then his dad told him to get some potatoes from the shed and there was
a top-of-the-range mountain bike.

Fave Record Of All Time
Any 80's love song

Fave Part Of The Female Body
Eyes and lips

Worst Buy
Meal for 2 with his ex

Worst Habit
Sleeping on the way to work, biting his toe nails

Worst Haircut
Curly perm when he was Peter Pan

Worst Job ever Had
Working in a burger van but he does love burgers

Worst Record Of All Time
'Doop' - Doop

Singing Since
He was 5 years old.

When He Was 5
He used to dress up as the A-Team.

Loves Girls Who
Agree to go out with him.

Hates Girls Who
Argue about anything and every and he doesn't like a pushover.

Top Footie Hero
He hasn't got a favourite footballer.

Top Footie Team

Musical Relatives
Both his sisters sing.

Most Like To Meet
Michael Jordan - his sporting hero

Has Rude Thoughts
He's always having rude thoughts - especially about all the female fans out there.

Describes Himself...
People say I make them laugh. I talk quite a lot too.

Describes Rich...
Very emotional. He's the model of the band and can also be quite shy until he gets to know you.

Longest Kiss
For 10 minutes...recently!

Biggest Regret
Meal for 2 with his ex

Proudest Achievement
Getting into 5ive

Monthly Mobile Phone Bill

Shares A Hotel Room With
Abs. Both of them likes to go to bed earlier than the others.

Most Embarrassing Moment
Any time his hair isn't up to scratch

Most Famous Person He's Met
Michael Jackson - he was at an audition for Earth Song.

Fantasy Filling For His Sarnie
A nice bit of nutty bread stuffed with a load of Smarties, fizzy lemon Chewits. (He's got
a severe sweet tooth and this is the only sarnie that can satisfy it)

Strangest Place Ever Snogged In
On the floor

Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love
Messed up a recording session in the studio by being upset over last girlfriend (now his ex).

One Thing He'd Change About Himself
His hairy legs and feet


Yes, if you have blue eyes.

"I Wanna Live Forever"

Basketball because football's awful.

Don't get me started, I could talk all day.

Hope to have lots of it very, very soon, so keep buying the records!

I'm a Labour man myself.

Form an orderly queue please, no fighting ladies!

I'm not a victim. I wear whatever's on the floor. I don't really have any favourite clothes 'cuz I change my mind a lot. But I really love trendy sportswear, like the O'Neill label.

Stella - lots of it.


"If someone tells me I'm a good-looking chap, that's a good enough compliment. It doesn't happen very often, so I'm really happy when it does."


  • He used to work in a market selling bikinis.
  • His best sarnie filler would be his mate marmite.
  • He could talk the banana out of a gorilla's mouth!
  • Snogs, lads' night out, fans are among the things he value most highly.
  • People at school has always teased him about his love for acting and singing.
  • He couldn't go out with someone who didn't like a bit of romance and a giggle.
  • Scott's 18th birthday was a total nightmare. 5ive was on the Smash Hits Tour and everyone was there - Peter Andre, All Saints, N-Tyce, the lot. He had too much to drink and made a real fool of himself, even though he can't really remember what he'd done the next morning. Everyone thinks he went off with a young lady and didn't spend the night in his own room, but he did. And that's all he's saying.
  • He is a very fussy eater and eats only peas, beans, chips, burgers, pizzas, bacon sarnies with tom sauce, jacket spuds and that's it!