i figured i would write this now and get it over with

for all you people that think she's a goddess or something, don't go any further into reading anything else on this page. i don't like her, and i'm not gonna take this page down if some ppl email me and tell me how much it sucks, and how jealous i am of her. you're at your own risk if you email me hatemail, b/c it's just gonna be made fun of at your own expense.
another thing, i'm NOT jealous of her b/c she's touring with n sync...big deal...i could care less...
i saw her in concert, and she performed, and she sucked. she can't sing, and can't dance, and she can't dress either.
so, as long as she's performing, i'm gonna keep this page up. oh, and don't email me telling me about spelling mistakes, cuz i don't care

email my heart!!