ok, i'm gonna do it by track.

1. ...baby one more time--i don't like it...i don't know why, i just don't.
2. crazy--i like this song...at least i like this version better than the drive me crazy soundtrack version.
3. sometimes--this songs ok...i kinda like it, but kinda don't...depends on my mood.
4. soda pop--don't EVEN get me started.
5. born to make you happy--it's an ok song...i kinda like it...but i don't really like the message that it sends out.
6. from the bottom of my broken heart--i like this song...it's sweet.
7. i will be there--probably my favorite song....love it a lot
8. i will still love you--this would be a cute wedding song...don philip's da man yo!!! lol
9. thinkin' about you--it would be nice if i could understand the first few lines of the song...it's ok
10. email my heart--uhhhh yeah....you don't wanna know.
11. the beat goes on--crappy cover...the original is better.