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American Atheists Summer Solstice Bar-B-Q 2000 A Smashing Success!!

Another successful bar-b-q for American Atheists!

We counted a total of 68 people in attendence at the American Atheists Summer Solstice Bar-B-Q 2000, on Saturday June 17. The new American Atheist Center proved to be a perfect place for such an event. There's was lots to see and do, and the great turnout made for plenty of great conversation. I'd like to thank lots of folks now, Ellen Johnson, Dave Silverman, Jodi Greene and everyone else who worked to make this happen, also Conrad Goeringer for bringing his telescope for viewing the sunspots that day. (The weather was really great for us. We were worried about impending rain, but it was dry all day.) Also I'd like to thank Lance Wilhelm for his popular veggie dish, that went really fast, as well as everyone else who brought food.

I'd also like to thank all the parents for bringing so many kids! We managed to keep them all busy with a kiddie pool, water sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, horseshoes, videos, and other kids activities in the kids' room inside.

It was the highlight of my bar-b-q day to conduct a tour of the new American Atheist Center about halfway through the day. Everyone seemed really impressed, just like I am everyday when I come to work. :o)

Here we go, off to tour the new American Atheist Center!

I'd like to make the Summer Solstice Bar-B-Q a yearly event at the Center, starting with last year's. I think I can make them better every year. Plans are also in the works for another Winter Solstice Brunch. Time, date and location for that will be announced soon.

Thanks again to everyone who came out!

Joe Zamecki
American Atheists