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Links - Here are web links I use and enjoy.

- One of the most useful sites for a GM. It contains literally 1000s of authentic names as well as translations. Unfortunately also a lot of pop-ups and ads but the site is worth it.

Game Grene.COM
- A site to discuss RPing and GMing ideas and techniques. A fun site to visit and occasionally post a response.

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page.COM
*** Just a lot of fun.

- The website of a great artist and old friend Jeff Menges.

- Harnworld Sites Harn, by Columbia Games, is in my opinion on of the very best Role-playing environments. The World is well-designed with great maps and locations, all adaptable to many other Fantasy worlds.

The Tower Hills
An excellent collection of information and links concerning Middle Earth, Harn and Glorantha.

World of the Ancient Britons
- A website for reference to ancient Celtic society.

Double Exposure, Inc.
Gaming the way it was MEANT to be!
- Gaming conventions run by an old friend Vinnie Salzillo. I have been attending and GMing there for years. Double Exposure runs Dexcon, Dreamation and now Southern Exposure conventions in New Jersey each year.

- Gaming conventions run by Kevin Jagr. They just finished running #4 in Secaucus, NJ in October 2004. Ubercons are currently run twice a year.

Convention Listings by Jenga
Good reference for world wide conventions... A great job by Sandy Hess.

Neutral Ground
A shameless plug.

Please note these links are not in any order alpha, preference, etc.

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