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My Obsession

This is my ode to my obsession
I came across this poem
and it's perfect
From there you can move on to my pics
cause i know that's why your here!!

I guess I'm a RENThead Or that is what they say. Just because I read my book on RENT Fifteen times a day.

When I first started- I had five RENT sound clips Thirty seconds each, I listened for hours. It took just an instant for me to know- RENT held all the powers!

Five hundred twenty-thousand six hundred My favorite number just happens to be. And I searched for blue pants- So I'd be just like Mimi!

A can safely say, An "Angel" was in my presence And a squeegee was among My few Christmas presents

Jonathan is my only god, I scream at all plaid pants. I get on the table at a life support meeting, So I can do a song and dance.

I stalk all the actors, Try to take some props. I've seen the show thirty times, I think someone will call the cops.

I have the two copies of the CD Old playbills and ads are on my walls. I have the recording in foreign languages. I hope someday Anthony Rapp calls!

But that is how I'll live my life, I love it very much. Thank god, That I have been touched!


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