Krissie goes back down into the castle to find Ryan. When she finds him she uses the medical herb on him.
"What happened?" Before Krissie could explain Mara comes in. "Thank heavans you alright. I was getting extremely worried.I thought something might o.AARGHH......"
She stops talking as her eyes roll back and she falls to the ground. Her entire back is full of blood with a hudge gash in it.
"Oh my.." She begins cry as she runs over to Mara. Then, a Metal Mantis walks out of the shadows with blood on it's claw. Ryan is furious. He takes out his sword and charges at the metal monster. He dances around it's swipes and slashes and in one all mighty blow he slices off it's head and gained a sword orb.
"She..she's dead Ryan. She wasn't supposed to die. She came in hear because she was worried for me and she died." Krissie crys into Ryan's shoulder as they walk out of the castle.

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