Tiffany runs to the top of the castle to find that Geshtar changed into is armor and is riding some sort of hover motorcycle.
"Tiffany hurry up we need your help" Gehstar turns his head in shock. Tiffany runs, jumps and kicks Geshtar off his motercycle. As he falls his armor breaks off of him.
"Why are you here girl you ruined everything!"
"No, she didn't." Tony says as he finishes Gehstar off by summoning Shade to use dark force killing him. He screams a terrifying scream of agony as he is engulfed by the orbs of darkness. "Come on."Tiffany says. "We have to go back and get Ryan he is petrified." "I have a medical herb" I'll go down and get him while you girls call flammie and get down from this tower."

"Ok thanks for offering Tony"
"No I will take it." Krissie replies.
"I know where he is so give my the herb and I will go get him" Tiffany replies.