Ryan and Tiffany run to the top of the caslte to find that Geshtar changed into is armor and is riding some sort of hover motercycle.
"Ryan, Tiffany hurry up we need your help" Gehstar turns his head in shock. Tiffany runs, jumps, and kicks Geshtar off his motercycle. As he falls his armor breaks off of him.
"Why are you hear girl you ruined everything!"
"No, she din't." Ryan says as he takes his sword and sticks it through Geshtar's heart killing him. He screams untill there is no more life in him at all. Gets sword orb.
Krissie, Ryan, Tiffany, and Tony us the Flammie drum to call flamie to get down from the castle.

Later at the blacksmith's house.
"I heard what happened. Congratulations."
"Thanks Watts. He hands him his sword and the orb and Watts forges a masamune into a gigas sword. They thank him, bid farewell, and leave.

Go back to the base.