They decide to go right. They encounter many monsters such as armored men, embermen, ,and dark ninjas but defeat them all easily. Tehy come to the end of the hallway and a single door is there. They go in the door and to their surprise The Empire

and the Scorpion Army

are in Emperor Vandal's confrence room.
"You seem surprised. You gave us so much grief that we decided to work togethor to wipe you out."
"Thats right we're gonna rule the world."
"I am glad that we have finally become victorious. Now if you'll excuse me Fahna and I have some business no attend to." Fahna and Thanatos vanish.
"I will destroy you with the help of the Scorpion Army's robot."
"Send in Killroy II." Ryan and Tiffany start battling Killroy II while Krissie and Tony are teleproted to the castle roof to battle Gestar. Who do you want to battle?

Battle Killroy II
Battle Gestar.