Click on the rpg games below and take off on an adventure that you decide where you go. It is just like the books that you make the decision that impact the outcome of the story. There is more the one way to beat the game and plenty of ways to die!
(HINTS: A lot of the pictures are in .art format so your browser may not be able to support them as in Netscape. Also because angelfire is making everyone have adds when the pop up add comes up do not exit it leave it open in the background while you go through the story so you are not intrupted all the time.)

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A guided storyline featuring Squall and Seifer hosted by Jess the main character to Desperate Measures, our original rpg.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy IV (II American)

Final Fantasy VI (III American)

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 8

Legend of Mana


Secret of Mana

Tales of Destiny

Desperate Measures (an original rpg) preview page




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