They are mysteriously transported to the top of the castle.
"What happened?"
"Hurry up, DUCK!"
They duck just in time as Geshtar soars at their head riding his hover cycle.

Krissie takes out a dagger and chucks it at him. It hits him in the arm. He fires two missiles at Krissie and it's a direct hit. She screams as the floor underneath her caves in to the fiery explosion.
"You will die for that Geshtar!" Tony summons Sylphid and uses thunderbolt striking Geshtar's hover cycle. He screams as it goes out of control and crashes into the castle.
Tiffany calls from the ground, "Tony come down from there ."
Tony uses the flammie drum to call Flammie to take him down from the castle.

When he gets down everyone is standing over the unmoving body of Krissie.
"She's dead Tony."
You carry her into the town where the rest of the Resistance come running out to see what happened. As they do a whole pack of imperial guards surround you. As they close in on you you can see

Thanatos and Fahna standing in the background smiling. You realize they probably killed Sheex and Emperor Vandal and now they defeated you.
"It is all your fault you let Krissy die! If it wasn't for you this would not have happened!"

Sadly no trace of them was ever found.