Cloud walked down the streets of the newly rebuilt Sector 7. He thought It was nice. He walked over to Tifa's 7th Heaven where Tifa was sitting on the Stairs. "Hi Cloud!" she said. "Hello Tifa!" Cloud replied. The door opened and Barret Walked out. "Well look who's Spikey Ass got here third." Barret replied. "Uhhh...Hi Barret!" Cloud replied. "I gotta go get some Stuff, I'll be right back." Cloud said and headed over to a Shop. He went in and walked up to the counter "What'll it be?" The shopkeeper asked. "Give me..." Cloud said looking at the Merchandice "Five Hi-Potions, Ten X-Potions, Seven Phoenix Downs, Six Ethers, and... Ten Remedies." "Will that be all?" The shopkeeper asked. "Yep, that should be good." Cloud replied. "Ok that'll be 32,600 Gil." "Sure thing." Cloud said giving him the money. Then he heard a loud noise outside. "They're here!" Cloud Yelled grabbed his stuff and ran outside to see the Highwind Landing behind Tifa's Bar. He met Tifa and Barret over there and they watched as All their Friends Came out. First Came Yuffie Kisaragi, a Ninja of Wutai. "OoOoooOOhhhh.... I think I'm gonna hurl....I can't take flying around in that thing!!" Next was Red XIII, a firey-red beast who was the last of his species. "Hello Cloud, Tifa, Barret." he greeted them gentlemanly. Next up was Cait Sith, an odd cat-like creature who was being controlled by someone far-far away...or maybe closer then everyone thought... "Hi All!" He said cheerily from his position ontop of his Stuffed Mog. Next out came Vincent, A man of mystery. "...greetings..." he said softly, adjusting his cape. Finally came Cid Highwind, although his mouth might need to be thouroly scrubbed with soap his skills as a pilote can't be matched! "Hey Cloud, Tifa and Barret! Tifa you think you could get me a drink? I'm thirsty after all this flying! It's not so Damn easy ta put up with alla these people!" "hee hee" she giggled "Sure Cid, and everyone else too! I'll fix you all something nice to drink!" Now that everyone was inside Cloud thought of what to talk about.

Bring up Wintando

Tell a funny story