"Urrr...." Cloud grumbled on his way to Tifa's, "Looks like ordering those clams was a bad idea...." Cloud entered a Diner and asked if he could use the bathroom. "Sure it's right over there." the person behind the counter told him. He walked over to the Bathroom and was greeted by the strong scent of Air Freshener or Cleaning stuff...he wasn't sure which... "Whew," He said, "Well I suppose it's better then smelling the alternative...." As he walked he suddenly slipped on a patch of water on the ground and hit his head really hard on a sink....

Cloud's eyes slowly opened upon a beautiful Woman, perhaps among the prettiest he'd ever seen! "It looks like you're coming too!" The girl said happily, her shiny blonde hair moving as she spoke. "Where am I....?" Cloud asked sitting up on a strange Couch. "You slipped in the bathroom at my Dad's Diner, How are you felling?" she asked. "Oh I'm okay.... What an embarrasing way to meet someone, huh?" He said rubbing the back of his head. "Oh don't be embarrased. My name's Mia, What's yours?" "Oh...I'm Cloud." "Cloud...What a cool name!" she said. "Thanks..my uh Mom picked it out..." he said not really knowing what to say. "Your eyes..." she said gazing into them, "They're Very Unique..." "Oh I got them from being in SOL--" suddenly he stopped himself, he was so used to just saying that whenever he met someone that asked. This was the first time anyone asked since he found out the Truth about his past.... "I was exposed to Mako for a little bit...that's all." he explained. "Oooh! I'll bet on a big adventure!" she said. "Huh? What would make you think I'd go on an adventure?" Cloud wondered. "Ohh Because of your Gigantic Sword you had on your back." she said pointing to where it leaned on the wall. "OH! Tifa! I've gotta go!" he yelled remembering. "Tifa!?" Mia asked, "Is that your Girlfriend?"

"I've gotta go now sorry!"

"Maybe Tifa and the others can wait...."