Cloud opens the door to his apartment, it's a fairly nice apartment, but not as big as he wanted, but hey, that's what happened when the had to split the money 8 ways after defeating Sephiroth [That's assuming they were rich like I was since they didn't do it right after blowing all their money on greens to make a stupid golden Chocobo!] Anyhow, Cloud put his grocieries down on the table and walked over into his living room. There on the wall was a shelf which contained the one, the only, the Legendary, Buster Sword! "I know I'll be needing this Cloud said taking it down, then he walked over to a small safe, He put in the combination 36, 10, 59, 97, and it opened. He took out his Materia's and equipped them. "Now I'm ready to go!"
"To Tifa's Bar!"

"To the Bathroom..."