"Yeah...later...." Cloud says softly watching Wintano fly off. Then he reaches into his pocket and takes out his PHS. He presses some buttons and calls Cid. "Hello?" his voice says through the PHS. "Hey Cid, it's me, Cloud."
"Oh Hi Cloud what's up?"
"Well I was on my way home when this psyco robbed a store. His name's Wintano, he's some sort of Hojo following scientist. He said something about taking Hojo's studies to the next level. It seems serious so I think we'd better take action.
"Someone's taking up Hojo's Experments!? *#^$!!"
"Yeah I know, so I was wondering did you finish fixing the Highwind yet?"
"Yep, She's Better then new!"
"Great, I'll call our friends and tell them what's up then you pick 'em up and meet us at Tifa's Bar."
"Tifa's Bar? I thought it was crushed?"
"Well it was, but Sector 7 was rebuilt, It's where it used to be, only Above the plates."
"Ok, I'll pick up everyone. See you soon. We'll take this *%$&er down before he knows what hit 'im!"
Cloud Called Tifa first to tell her what was going on. Then he called up everyone else.

Back At Tifa's Bar...

"Better go back to my house put my grocieries away and get some supplies..."

"Woulden't it be wierd if I was just suddenly killed right now?"