Cloud carefully puts down his bags where no one should mess with them, then he runs over to a clearing with a big fountain in it. He sees people all in huddled around in a corner scared. Up in the air a man seems to be floating there. He has on a long labcoat which flaps in the light breeze, his hair in a golden brown with a red tint and is messy and all over the place. The strange man is holding a silver box under one arm "Who are you!?" Cloud demands. "Ahhhh, well I if it isn't Cloud, the Ultima..." The strange man replies. "Huh...?" Cloud mumbles. "Well Cloud, I am the Master Scientist, Wintando. I didn't mean to scare all these people breaking into the store to retrieve some supplies for my expirments, and I certainly am not ready to deal with you." As he talks he floats down closer to Cloud, "You see, I have studied Hojo's expirments and am really quite impressed, but I am now ready to take Hojo's expirments to The Next Level!" A frown appears on Cloud's face, "Why do you want to do that?! Hojo was a stark raving lunatic!" Cloud yells. Wintando dosen't seem to like this kind of talk about Hojo, "Hojo was a great man! I wish he were still here to help me when I need it. In fact...he would be here, if not for YOU!!" Wintando yells acusingly, "!!!" Cloud Slowly starts to clench his fists... "But now is not the time Cloud...the time will come later. I bid you farewell!"


"I'm not letting you get away!"

Let him go...