"I can sense him also Rosa..." Cecil replies, he says the spell for Sight. "I can see him!" Cecil shouts! "No!!!" Algec yells unseen by the others. Cecil Points at the corner where Algec floats in the air, "Rydia Finish him off with a Lit Spell!!" "Sure thing Cecil! Rydia shouts and casts Lit. The bolt of Lighting hits Algec in the Chest, "ARRRRRRRGGGGGRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Algec yells as he is pushed backward and out a window... The party all look out the hole in the window where he'd gone through. The ground cannot even be seen since they are all the way above the over world And the underworld. "Woha..." Rydia says finally. "Hey everyone, we did it!!" Edward cheers!! "Yeah he's right!!" Rydia replies happily. "Did we...?" Yang replies. "Yeah what about that whole army?" Kain replies. "Those were untrained soldiers," Cecil replies, "They were very weak and without their leader I doubt they'll do anything." "Yeah, Cecil's right! Let's go announce their defeat!!" Edge says.

To Baron